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Selena Burgess is a professional wrangler of the baby and toddler variety. Back in the day, she was a director in the not-for-profit world of social work, who now answers to motherhood first. When the chaos permits, she writes stories, shares recipes and DIY projects. She is also addicted to documenting everyday life through her various lenses, with a penchant for social media. Selena is a daily writer for Babble, is currently re-launching her personal blog and has a long time love affair with the Twitterverse. In everything she does, Selena is proud of her Anishinaabe roots. This is a woman you want to revel (or kvetch), in motherhood with. Connect to her handmade persona on Facebook. Join her in her Pinterest or Instagram addictions, and follow her on Google+.

Last Minute Gift Guide: My Top 12 Picks From Fisher Price For Disney Baby!

No matter how well organized I think I am, every year I find myself running around last minute checking those last few items off of my list for the holidays. This year isn’t any different! This afternoon I’ll be running out to my local Disney Store to grab a few last minute gifts for the little ones on my list, specifically from the Fisher Price for Disney Baby line.

With great prices and adorable designs, it’s a win, win. Tonight, I swear…I’m done. These are my top 12 favourite picks from the  Fisher Price for Disney Baby line. What are yours?

Top 50 Baby Names of 2013: The Official List!

Over half a million parents in the U.S. shared the names of their babies born in 2013 with Babycenter this month. They compiled lists of the top 50 baby boy and top 50 baby girl names with some surprising results.

Sophia takes the #1 spot again for the fourth year in a row while newbie Jackson takes #1 for the first time for the boys! Our Abigail made #14; did yours make the list? Click through to the first 25 girls’ names and 25 boys’ names!

DB Small Holiday Style: Coordinating Outfits for Siblings!

Around here, I have a little boy and a little girl to outfit for the holidays. I’m definitely a self-confessed match-a-holic, in that I love to dress my little ones in coordinating and matching ensembles. All the time, no — but for the holidays? Most definitely

Which is why I’m over the moon about Disney Baby’s endless holiday collection options, making it easy to mix and match casual and fancy dress-wear keeping my sweethearts looking festive and dapper no matter the occasion. Perhaps you too, have some little baby and toddler siblings you’d like to dress up in coordinating pieces for family photos or family get-togethers over the holidays. Disney Baby has you covered in the style department — have fun looking and shopping!

What Your Baby Wants Most This Christmas...

Is you! No toy, no game, no app; absolutely nothing can replace the company of you. I was reminded of this yet again today, after taking the entire day to do nothing but hang out and play with my little ones.

We didn’t do anything over the top. There were no ornate outings planned; in fact they stayed in their pajamas all day! We read stories, we coloured, we made simple meals together, and had lots of cuddles and tumbling around and tickle attacks.The most popular game of the day however was…

Easy DIY for Busy Moms: Living Evergreen Holiday Wreath

Being the mom of two toddlers equates to not having very much time for all of the crafty projects I wish I could sink my hands into. What I do manage to tackle, for the pure enjoyment that my crafty soul yearns for – usually happens when they are sleeping. Unless it is an activity that we can do together.

Last weekend I whipped up this gorgeous evergreen wreath and I was so pleased at how little time it took to make…

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