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Selena Burgess is a professional wrangler of the baby and toddler variety. Back in the day, she was a director in the not-for-profit world of social work, who now answers to motherhood first. When the chaos permits, she writes stories, shares recipes and DIY projects. She is also addicted to documenting everyday life through her various lenses, with a penchant for social media. Selena is a daily writer for Babble, is currently re-launching her personal blog and has a long time love affair with the Twitterverse. In everything she does, Selena is proud of her Anishinaabe roots. This is a woman you want to revel (or kvetch), in motherhood with. Connect to her handmade persona on Facebook. Join her in her Pinterest or Instagram addictions, and follow her on Google+.

Dairy and Sugar-Free Chocolate "Milkshakes" for Little Ones!

This is the sort of nutritious treat that just keeps giving. Right around 3:30 everyday, my little ones are hankering for a nosh of something sweet. A little pick-me-up, as we’re accustomed to calling it — and as easy as stirring up a couple of sippy cups with chocolate milk is, these are darn near close to being just as easy.

The best part? There will be enough for you too, and this sugar-free indulgence totally satisfies. Another great thing about this recipe is that you can leave out the chocolate, making just vanilla “milk”shakes, or leave out the almond or coconut milk to make a quick ice cream substitute! The key ingredient here are bananas, giving you all the creaminess your little ones (and you!), crave.

They won’t notice the lack of white processed sugar — promise!

Sibling Year In Review: Abby and Wyndham’s Best Moments From 2013!

Today I got lost in a time warp (time suck? Rabbit hole?) of reminiscing over all of my favourite moments, videos, and images captured from this past year with my darling mister and two maddeningly awesome little ones, Wyndham and Abigail.

I ventured out to share some of our favourite moments together as a family from 2013 and came up with a lot of adorable pictures of just the two of them. I started to hear their sweet little voices in my head, telling me all of the things they’ve started to be able to articulate. The things they love doing, their own favourite memories, what they miss with the passing of the seasons and what they can’t wait to do again. What they’re loving in this very moment and what makes something magical for them from one day to the next.

It seemed only natural that I let them ‘tell’ the story of their past year, their 2013 year in review as sibling adventurers; revving up for a fantastic 2014!

Everything You Need for Baby When You're Waiting to Find Out

With our first, we were so excited at having finally getting pregnant after being told for years that we couldn’t have babies. Our excitement was so huge that we just had to know if we were going to have a boy or a girl. No surprises. Having a baby was enough of a (much welcomed), surprise.

With our second however, things were a little more relaxed. We decided to wait to find out and with that came the purchase of gender neutral baby clothes and other necessities. If you, like me, are waiting to find out if its a boy or a girl, then these gender neutral picks from the Hundred Acre Wood will have you smiling and totally prepared for the arrival of your precious new baby!

Holiday Baking Made Easy: (Sugar-Free!) Peppermint Kisses Recipe for Busy Moms

Make it a candy cane Christmas for your little ones with these melt-in-your-mouth, delicious peppermint meringue kisses! So easy to make the traditional way or sugar- and dye-free!

I’m all about giving my little ones lots of treats over the holidays, without the worry of loading them up on sugar. Plus, if we’re being honest here…I’m happy to eat treats that aren’t going to buzz my brain out and land directly on my posterior! How about you? Thought so. Now for that ridiculously easy recipe…

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