Selena Burgess

Selena Burgess is a professional wrangler of the baby and toddler variety. Back in the day, she was a director in the not-for-profit world of social work, who now answers to motherhood first. When the chaos permits, she writes stories, shares recipes and DIY projects. She is also addicted to documenting everyday life through her various lenses, with a penchant for social media. Selena is a daily writer for Babble, is currently re-launching her personal blog and has a long time love affair with the Twitterverse. In everything she does, Selena is proud of her Anishinaabe roots. This is a woman you want to revel (or kvetch), in motherhood with. Connect to her handmade persona on Facebook. Join her in her Pinterest or Instagram addictions, and follow her on Google+.

Bye, Bye, Baby.

The time has come for me to say goodbye to the baby stage and thus, my time here with you all at Disney Baby. I’ve been here since the launch of the website and blog back in 2012 and here we are now, in 2014 and somehow, some way – with a fair bit of magic on my side, I have two precocious, amazingly spirited, and wonderful little toddlers!

I don’t have much baby stuff to share with you anymore, but I have so many sweet memories…

New Motherhood 101: On Allowing Ourselves Time for Self Care

When you’re in it, you’re IN IT and it can be hard, so very hard to see the light. Save for the incredible light of being swathed in the glow of having a newborn baby. That tingly, no-sleep, often (but not always), heady place of new motherhood. Those first few months could blind a person with their brilliance. I mean, the scent of a baby’s head alone, still to this day, induces letdown.

TMI? I know some of you are with me on this….

This Little Light of Mine (Our Sleep Regression)

My girl Abby definitely has a song in her heart and a diva will. We’ve currently been experiencing a sleep regression, which is totally my fault (but not really), and I’m sort of at my wits end about it.

Easy Clean Eating Recipes For Busy Moms & Dads

Winter is blowing pretty hard where I live; which usually calls for hot, comforting, stick-to-your-ribs sort of meals. I’m all for brothy soups, thick stews and voluminous breads. In abundance in fact. Yet during these sun deprived months, I also find myself craving fresh greens, clean eats and foods reminiscent of summer.

Perhaps it’s a bit cathartic for the soul, to eat food that reminds me of long hot days and warm sultry evenings. It’s definitely good for my body, clean eating helps keep me fit and spry, helping me to keep up after my little toddlers and all that running a house-hold entails.

Last week I embarked on a 10 day smoothie cleanse and today marks the end of day 4, so I thought I’d share a few recipes that I can have right now as well as some that I had in preparing for the big liquid fast!

Diaper Bags That Don't Look Like Diaper Bags!

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that these diaper bags? They don’t look like diaper bags at all. In fact, there are a couple here that I would sport any day of the week; day or night.

I definitely still wear messenger style totes with one kid and one toddler because we all know that the need to carry drinks, snacks, toys, and a change of clothes doesn’t go away once the baby exits out of the baby stage!

I’ve taken the liberty to round up my favourite DB diaper bags at the moment, specifically those that will work for years to come, as I know you’ll need them to. Dads, listen up! There are some picks in here that you wouldn’t mind either. Just sayin’.

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