Savannah Wallace

Savannah is married to her high-school sweetheart, Jonathon and the mother of their newborn boy, Soren. Savannah co-owns Maiedae with her best friend and business partner, Jenny where they design beautiful sites, blogs and branding pieces for fellow entrepreneurs and bloggers. They are also the founders of the annual blogger event, The Maiedae Mixer. Savannah runs her own personal lifestyle blog where she talks about all things fashion, home, beauty and mommy-hood as well as a beauty channel on YouTube. Find Savannah on her blog, Instagram and Facebook!

Cuddle Time With Our Favorite Disney Baby Blankets

I’m always cold (and I love cuddling), so blankets are naturally one of my favorite things. I’ve found it quite difficult to restrain myself from purchasing soft and beautiful blankets for Soren, and even still, we have a basket full of them! Whether they’re used to keep you warm, have cuddle time with baby, or build an amazing fort, blankets are a family favorite. You can never have enough, right? Here are some of our favorite Disney Baby blanket picks:

Our Adventures in Trying Solids

Soren is nearing the 6-month mark (it’s hard to believe!) and we’ve been taste testing new foods here and there to get him used to the mechanics of eating. For awhile leading up to his 4-month mark, I started reading and asking around to try to figure out WHEN I should start letting him try food and WHAT I should start him out with. I found a lot of conflicting advice, and we also talked to the pediatrician about her thoughts. As with most parenting decisions, there is a huge variety of opinions and choices. For us, it came down to going with what we felt would be best and taking a few cues from Soren.

3 Things That Definitely DO Get Easier When You're a New Mom

During Soren’s newborn stage, many moms told me “it gets easier” — and while I wasn’t so sure, especially with my tired mind not being extremely clear, I was excited to see how life would continue to change over time. I remember researching and being so concerned about several things as I approached parenthood. I’ve realized that simply “diving in,” learning from the experience, and talking to trusted friends is sometimes the very best thing you can do. The following are a few things that have become SIGNIFICANTLY easier over the past five months that I definitely put my fair share of worry into…

5 Adventures We Hope to Have with Soren Before He Turns One

It’s a little hard to believe that Soren will be one in 6 short months. The vivid and sweet moments of his newborn stage seems like it was literally last week. He is growing into a little man right before my eyes and it’s heart-wrenching and amazing and everything all at once. :) One of the things my husband and I most looked forward to when we decided to start trying for a little one is all of the adventures we knew we could go on and experiencing the joy of childhood again with our little one(s).

The Great Transition: From Our Room to His Nursery

From the beginning, Soren has stayed with us in our room at night. We set up a little bassinet and he would sleep close to us every night. He also woke up a ton throughout the night to be nursed, and just like every other parent, we didn’t get much sleep at all! Even when he was sleeping, I would wake up just to check on him.

As Soren approached 5 months, my husband and I had many conversations about when and how we should transition him into his OWN room. We knew it would be good for us to have nighttime to be together or get extra work done and we could also tell Soren wasn’t sleeping as well and seemed a little extra cranky.

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