Savannah Wallace

Savannah is married to her high-school sweetheart, Jonathon and the mother of their newborn boy, Soren. Savannah co-owns Maiedae with her best friend and business partner, Jenny where they design beautiful sites, blogs and branding pieces for fellow entrepreneurs and bloggers. They are also the founders of the annual blogger event, The Maiedae Mixer. Savannah runs her own personal lifestyle blog where she talks about all things fashion, home, beauty and mommy-hood as well as a beauty channel on YouTube. Find Savannah on her blog, Instagram and Facebook!

Stuffed Animal Obsession - Our Favorite Picks!

Growing up I was always a huge fan of stuffed animals. I loved collecting them, naming them and playing with them. Having plush toys is a must-have for any nursery and perfect for little one cuddles. These are the sweet little plush toys Soren has on his wish-list! ;)

Next on Your To-Do List: Mommy's Day Out!

This weekend, my very best friend and fellow new mommy and I had the grandparents watch our little ones while we went on a mini getaway to Greenville, SC for the day. We wanted to do this for a while, but between schedules, work and nursing, things can get a little tricky. As well, I’ve found it mentally difficult to remind myself to STOP and try to take a little time for myself. I forget how healthy it is for my mind and overall being.

Why Your Photo Outtakes Can Be Just As Special

As a mommy, I love taking photos of my little man every chance I get. As I’m looking through my photos and picking out my favorites to edit, I tend to go through the photos quickly and delete any that are blurry and aren’t the best. While this DOES save room on my hard drive, I’ve had to stop myself a couple times and remember to keep some of the photos that maybe are a little blurry and don’t seem “perfect.” These photos show action, personality, funny moments and real life. Babies are wiggly and on the move, sometimes a blurry photo is perfect at capturing just that! So as you are looking through your photos, don’t forget to save some of those outtakes for later. ;)

Here are a few of my favorite outtakes of Soren:

50 Great Photos to Take During the First 6 Months

Taking an obnoxious amount of photos of your little one kind of goes hand in hand with becoming a parent. Here is my ultimate list of 50 great photos to take during the first 6 months of your babies life. :)

Soren’s Wish-List Picks for September!

At the end of every month, I love sharing my top favorites with my readers. This month, Soren is sharing his top 5 wish-list Disney Baby products for September!

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