Savannah Wallace

Savannah is married to her high-school sweetheart, Jonathon and the mother of their newborn boy, Soren. Savannah co-owns Maiedae with her best friend and business partner, Jenny where they design beautiful sites, blogs and branding pieces for fellow entrepreneurs and bloggers. They are also the founders of the annual blogger event, The Maiedae Mixer. Savannah runs her own personal lifestyle blog where she talks about all things fashion, home, beauty and mommy-hood as well as a beauty channel on YouTube. Find Savannah on her blog, Instagram and Facebook!

4 Diaper Bags to Add to Your Last Minute Christmas List

If you’re like me, you’re constantly adding to your Christmas wish-list and thinking of new things! Maybe you’ve had a hard time putting together ideas for your loved ones? With Christmas just under a week away, here are 4 adorable Disney Baby diaper bags to add to your list or give as a gift for the mommy friend in your life just in time for Christmas morning!

30 Christmas Traditions to Make the Holidays Magical!

Growing up, Jon and I had traditions we made with our families. After getting married we made a few of our own and now with a little one we are in a transitions of figuring out how our family will form our own traditions each year! We’ve been spending a lot of time lately thinking about what traditions we would like to start and how we want to celebrate the holidays. Christmas is my very favorite time of the year and it’s tempting to want to partake in ALL of the traditions! We plan to just pick a few and do them well. :) Trying to think of ideas for your family Christmas? Check out this list of inspiring traditions to start with your family!

Why I Treasure Midnight Feedings

At nearly 11 months, Soren still wakes up now and then in the middle of the night. I’ve been weening him off of nursing so we are at about 1-3 nursing session each day. I’m feeling slightly sad about this…although nursing was very difficult to get the hang of at first, it’s become something easy and something I look forward to.

15 Things to Do for Yourself this Holiday Season

The holidays can be a busy time! Shopping, decorating, gift wrapping, traveling, wrapping up work to-do’s and home to-do’s so you can put your feet up during the holidays. How do you make sure to take a little break from the busyness and have some quite time just for you!? Here are a few ideas to motivate you to set aside a little mommy time during the holidays!

13 Disney Movies to Watch During the Holidays

With the holidays comes the beautiful music, classic Christmas movies, decorations, baked goods, (sometimes) cooler weather, gifts. and time with family. And one of our favorite things to do during the holidays is watch Christmas movies! To celebrate Christmas, I’m sharing 13 Disney movies that are perfect to watch during the holidays. :)

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