Savannah Wallace

Savannah is married to her high-school sweetheart, Jonathon and the mother of their newborn boy, Soren. Savannah co-owns Maiedae with her best friend and business partner, Jenny where they design beautiful sites, blogs and branding pieces for fellow entrepreneurs and bloggers. They are also the founders of the annual blogger event, The Maiedae Mixer. Savannah runs her own personal lifestyle blog where she talks about all things fashion, home, beauty and mommy-hood as well as a beauty channel on YouTube. Find Savannah on her blog, Instagram and Facebook!

Baby Names Inspired by Top Movies from 2014!

Looking for unique baby name inspiration from some of this year’s top movies!? Check out this great list of star-quality baby names!

Make Potty Training an Adventure and Save 15%!

Is your little one about to start potty training? We still have a little time before Soren starts, but I’m am definitely looking forward to the day he is potty-trained! I think at nearly 9 months, I’ve probably changed 2,048 diapers…roughly. ;)

If you are looking for the perfect training potty for your little one and want to make them excited about their new adventure learning to use the potty, be sure to check out the Disney collection at Toys”R”Us!! All potties are currently 15% off, so pick up your coupon here!

Let your little one choose between Princesses, Cars, Minnie and Mickey! Best wishes for your potty-training adventure!

Fall Uniform for Mommy - 5 Staples to Add to Your Wardrobe!

When it comes to personal style and being a mommy, I’m all about comfort, quality and ease. Just as much as I want to look great, I also want the task of putting outfits together to be easy! There seems to be less and less time to poke around a closet and try to think up a fabulous outfit…especially when we have little ones ready for breakfast now!

Since fall is in full swing, at least it is here in the good ol’ south, I wanted to share with you what I believe to be the five best staples you can add to your wardrobe this fall.

Enchanted Furniture for Your Disney Princess

Although I don’t have a daughter, I still find myself drawn to beautiful girly things. Princesses, frills, accessories…all of it. It’s too cute to resist, and the day I find out I’m pregnant with a girl is the day my budget might go down the drain. ;)

One of the most exciting aspects of welcoming a new little one home is preparing the nursery for their arrival. It’s therapeutic and FUN. ;) If you’re looking for an enchanting touch to your little girl’s nursery, be sure to check out the beautiful, princess-inspired, enchanted nursery furniture at Babies”R”Us from Delta. All of their pieces are currently 15% off if you use coupon code: 15OFF299 at checkout!

Pairing these gorgeous pieces with beautiful princess artwork and a pastel color-block quilt would look incredible!!

How 10 Minutes of Quiet Time Each Morning Can Change Your Day

It’s easy to get stuck in the routine. Day in and day out, we tend to stick with similar schedules, tasks…especially when you have little ones. We wear many hats each day and usually more than one at any given time.

My day typically consists of watching Soren, and working when I can. Doing a few chores here and there, trying to figure out dinner, playing, changing diapers…LOTS of laundry, oh and that ever growing inbox? Maybe tomorrow. ;) It’s a lot of work, and thankfully I find a lot of joy in what I do day by day.

However, the stress of having a lot on your plate can really add up. Weeks and months can easily go by without remembering the importance of stopping, resting and taking in the day.

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