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5 Ways to Wind Down Before Bedtime

Bedtime always seems to have 3 stages. Number one, the slap happy, last chance to party time. Number two, the meltdown aka battle against going to bed and number three, peacefully asleep. I pride myself on my baby-whisperer level bedtime skills but I know that bedtime can be a struggle. Here are some of the ways we wind down at bedtime.

DIY Reversible Baby Booties

Don’t you just want to slip these little booties on some baby feet right now? What’s great about The Reversible Baby Booties pattern is that it combines a classic look with a modern twist. It’s not very often (or ever) you find a baby bootie that can be two completely different styles depending on which way you flip it.

reversible DIY baby booties

Sew a Complete Baby Quilt in a Day

Have you ever had those moments of panic where you realize you have no baby gift to bring to the party? I have good news and bad news. Bad news is, I wish there was a DIY for avoiding procrastination, but haven’t found it yet (let me know if you do). Good news is, here’s a heartfelt project you can get done the day before. A new mama can never have too many handmade baby quilts, so let’s get started on how to Sew a Complete Baby Quilt in a Day…

Easy DIY Baby Quilt

Baby's Library: 5 Books About Our World

Start to expose your baby to the concepts of loving and appreciating the whole world around us through picture books. These 5 Awesome Books About Our World are sure to make great additions to Baby’s library…

It's a Small World

10 Summer Baby Names for Your List

A name says so much about a person that it’s no wonder we all want to choose just the right fit. If you’re about to have a summer baby, and haven’t yet found the perfect first or middle name, take a peek at these 10 Summer Baby Names…

Summer Baby Names
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