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Jaime and Jacinda are co-founders of Prudent Baby, the #1 destination for Craft, Style, Travel, and DIY Inspiration for you and your Family. They search the globe and their own backyards to bring you simple tips, ideas, and projects that make life at home more practical and more beautiful. Jacinda is also an artist and fabric designer and Jaime is author of the bestselling book, Prudent Advice: Lessons for My Baby Daughter and the upcoming companion journal, My Prudent Advice: Lessons for My Daughter.

5 Ways to Give Yourself 'Me' Time During Naptime

Before I had kids I always thought I would have no problem giving myself some “me” time. How quickly that fades when you start thinking of all the zillion other things that need to be done. Naptime was always the moment where I could ideally sit down and relax, but for me it turned into clean up time. In order to make sure I was getting some “me” time in, I started making little lists of projects I wanted to do. As soon as Baby went down I’d hop into the craft room, work for a bit, and then get to cleaning. Just those 30 minutes (or less) daily was enough to give me the extra jolt I needed to feel great again.

Make Yourself Something Pretty

5 Inspiring Nurseries for Your Little Prince

When decorating a nursery the hardest part can be deciding where exactly to start. Do you go for something vintage or something hip and modern? Do you combine them both? There are an infinite number of possibilities to choose from and looking at nurseries can always help. Check out these 5 Inspiring Nurseries for Your Little Prince to get you started on decorating the dream nursery for your little boy…

A Big Surprise

5 Inspiring Nurseries for Your Little Princess

Decorating a nursery for your little princess is so much fun. There are many different directions you can go in as far as color choice, style, budget, and more. Check out these 5 Inspiring Nurseries for Your Little Princess to see how these families have turned their rooms into something magical…

Once Upon a Time

5 Finishing Touches to Your Nursery Decor

One of my favorite parts about being pregnant was decorating the nursery. I would jot down ideas and gaze at pictures for inspiration, but even when it was done there was always one last thing it needed. Are you finding yourself in the same boat? Sometimes the simplest addition, like a cute printed crib sheet or bunting, is all you need to tie it together…

Fabric Covered Letters

DIY Mommy Tags

Add a special touch to Baby’s clothing with a DIY Mommy Tag. Write loving messages on homemade fabric tags and add them to Baby’s pants, shorts, dresses, etc. Make a bundle of them to use for years to come. Keep reading to find out just how to make your own DIY Mommy Tags…

DIY Mommy Tags
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