Natalie Holbrook

Natalie is a hopeless optimist and prodigious over-exaggerator. She lives in a tiny apartment in New York City with her husband Brandon and her fat baby Henry August (who they call Huck). She blogs about her love of New York City and all the lovely little things that make up a wonderful life at Nat the Fat Rat.

On Matching Your Baby

It is my esteemed opinion that dressing to match your baby is fully within your rights as a parent. What say you? Here are some tips:

On Baby Toys

I am going to tell you this straight up: babies don’t need no dang toys.

On Swaddling Your Baby

I just loved swaddling. Oh, swaddling. Huck loved it too. From the very first, I had him bundled up good and tight in whatever blanket I could find. It helped soothe him when he was fussy, helped him sleep longer, kept him from scratching his face while he slept (is there anything sadder than a scratched baby face?), and made him look like my very own little burrito snack.

Experts agree that swaddling your baby is one of the best, most gentle ways of transitioning your little one from womb to earth, and I have a few tips on how to keep your swaddle tight and happy and (let’s be honest, this one is most important) cute. After the jump.

On Stroller Naps

One of the things I remember most clearly about all of the sleep training books I read when Huck was brand new was, “Don’t let them get used to falling asleep to motion!” I let that advice stress me out for approximately two days before realizing… no but I want my baby to fall asleep while in motion. And while nursing. Possibly while I rock him, and definitely while I’m shopping…..

Huck and the stroller and I went on to have a very beneficial, very lovely, quite perfect little love affair. One that I am taking advantage of to this day! Because I am here to tell you, dear friends: as a city mom, the stroller nap is the meaning of life.

Tips on how you can find your own meaning of life with your young one, after the jump.

On Parenting On The Fly

One thing I learned to do when Huck was very little was parent on the run. Things like, packing the perfect diaper bag without having too much bulk to carry, finding places to change a diaper when no changing table is available, nursing in quiet corners, and soothing irritable babies in crowded restaurants. I get restless at home easily and need to see the outside world daily, and sometimes that can be intimidating with a little little one (and even with the bigger little ones).

Here are some of the tips I learned that helped me feel confident parenting on the fly, whether that was at home, at school, or at play ;).

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