Maria José Ovalle

Born in Chile and raised in the US, María José is a mamá to a four year old boy and a daughter born January 2013 living in the Washington, D.C. area. She is a PR by profession and blogs about her family as well as personal style and beauty for busy mamas on Very Busy Mamá — Life, Beauty & Style. When she does have a spare minute, she actively participates in local theater productions and is known to run a marathon or two. She is set to run the Marine Corps Marathon in October 2013. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Not Walking at 12 Months: Toddler or Still a Baby?

It happened! Finally my sweet Little L, my precious girl is ONE. She has changed and developed so much and each day brings new surprises and milestones.

She pulled herself up at 7 months and cruising just after. Because she has an older brother she is constantly trying to keep up with I thought for sure she’d be up and walking long before 12 months. After all, she can stand perfectly fine on her own, she has great balance and can sit herself down without falling down — it’s a very controlled move. However, she will not take a step. When it comes to getting from point A to point B, she slowly gets on the ground and crawls over.

Little L's First Hair Clip

It’s official — Little L has *just* enough hair to gather a bit from the front and use a hair clip! This is super exciting as a mama, I mean, she looks extra adorable and more like a girl. She’s been called “little guy”, “little buddy” by passerby’s despite having on polka dot purple leggings!

Baby, I Love Your Feet!

I’m still on a first birthday high — I can’t believe she is one! My husband and I keep saying how different she is at this age from our son. She is vibrant, loud and super active.

Every day, I shower her with kisses from her head to her feet. Every part of her is absolutely delicious, especially after a nap; she is just so warm and cuddly.

5 Cozy Hats to Keep Baby Warm During the Polar Vortex

Its cold, no scratch that it’s FREEZING! We don’t get much snow here in the D.C. area and much less below freezing temperatures.

We have spent a whole lot of time inside and it’s starting to wear on all of us. A few days we could have gone out, but I know Little L will freeze into a popsicle in a matter of minutes. Poor girl!

However despite this “polar vortex” hitting us hard, I still have to get my son to preschool and that means taking the baby too. In the mornings I feel bad getting her out of her warm room and into a cold carseat. One of the first times we went out, she sort of jumped back when we opened the door because the cold air stung her face.

Here are 5 of my favorite Disney Baby hats to keep your baby warm during the Polar Vortex all available at the Disney Store:

Bonding with My Baby Over Breakfast

I have always said that with two kids you have to divvy up your time. Often, I felt that my daughter didn’t get enough attention or that my son felt left out. Of course, not purposely but with a four year age gap, it’s going to happen — they have completely different needs!

My son goes to preschool everyday until 11.45 — not a lot of time, but a few hours that I get to myself and to be alone with Little L. Sometimes we get back from dropping him off and we cuddle on the cozy sofa, play peek-a-boo or just simply sits in my lap playing with whatever she has reached for, most times the remote. We sit in silence, no TV, no nothing just us and the humming of the heat coming through the vents. It’s magical.

We then move on to breakfast, she in her highchair and I at the table. Recently she figured out how to drink from a straw so she has been engrossed with that! In the mornings I tend to have a fruit or green smoothie and she has milk, oatmeal and meal. But today, after making my yummy and super fiberlicous green smoothie, she leaned forward, opened her mouth and motioned for the straw.

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