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Born in Chile and raised in the US, María José is a mamá to a four year old boy and a daughter born January 2013 living in the Washington, D.C. area. She is a PR by profession and blogs about her family as well as personal style and beauty for busy mamas on Very Busy Mamá — Life, Beauty & Style. When she does have a spare minute, she actively participates in local theater productions and is known to run a marathon or two. She is set to run the Marine Corps Marathon in October 2013. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

3 Signs That Walking Has Made My Girl More Daring

Okay, wow! Not sure how or when it happened, but BOOM… Little L is up and walking!

She took her time. Took forever to let go of the sofa, but at nearly 14 months, she let go and literally TOOK OFF! I think she took longer to walk because she never had the space to take her first steps in a tranquil environment — her older brother was always at her heels, causing her to lose balance and just resort to crawling.

Now she is so confident and daring. She walks clear across the living room and takes Papi’s keys from the table. She walks right into our bedroom, once managing to open a dresser drawer and pull out my necklaces. She strolls into the kitchen like she OWNS the place and starts pulling things out of cabinets. (I don’t know how someone so little can be so destructive in a matter of seconds!) Clearly I’d forgotten about this phase. But goodness she is cute. I mean, ADORABLE!

And, this walking thing has led her to further explore the world around her.

— Within one day of truly walking, she has managed to make it half way up the stairs on her own. I couldn’t believe it!

— With walking came being able to swing her legs over the bathtub on her own. Once, I turned around for one second to get soap and there she was, halfway out of the tub. ¡Ayyyyy!

— Lastly, she now climbs up on her brother’s bed, stands at the window talking to the birds, and then proceeds to jump. Yes, JUMP–from the bed to the floor. And we have hardwood floors, so probably not the best idea.

All of this happened so fast that I didn’t even have time to process all of the new changes that walking would bring. I can’t even imagine what she will do tomorrow!

Dorel Glitter Minnie Mouse Music & Lights Walker

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The Dorel Glitter Minnie Mouse Music & Lights Walker which is available from buybuyBaby is sure to keep your little girl happily engaged and entertained. From the comfy seat, an oversized snack and play tray gives her plenty of room for non-stop play fun with 4 Minnie Mouse and friends toys.

5 Discoveries My Baby and I Made on our Spring Walk

Last week the weather finally decided to warm up and everyone in the neighborhood was out. I was sitting at my desk trying to work, but failing miserably.

All of the windows were open, the curtains were blowing in the living room and I could hear children laughing and playing outside. My cousin, who helps me with childcare said she was taking the kids out for a while. I looked back at my screen, looked down at Little L with her arms reaching up to me and I said “You take M and I’m going for a walk with Little L. I haven’t had alone time with her and I need fresh air.”

I put my sweet girl in her stroller and we were off — we walked and walked and enjoyed our girls afternoon out. I felt relaxed and happy I could share this with her. She had her face right in the wind and her little pigtail was just flapping in the wind. She had never really been out in good weather — it’s been a long winter and she’s just now 14 months so this was really her FIRST time enjoying being out.

She made many discoveries that day and reacted to each one differently:

— Pointed at dogs and make barking noises and discovered birds. They were all over the main street and she just stared at these tiny creatures chirping and hopping around. She made her own chirping noises and squealed with delight when they all flew away.

— She closed her eyes and put her face right into the wind and giggling at the tickling sensation it gave her. She and I both love the cool air on our faces!

— She looked at everything and everyone. Taking it all in and I could see her eyes observing and taking “mental notes.”

— We stopped at a baby park and she went nuts! She climbed, crawled and most importantly walked without being interrupted by her older brother. She kept looking around as if my son were there, but once she realized she was at peace, she just took off!

— She knows I love her! For the first time in a long time, I connected with my daughter on a different level. It was just the two of us and I saw a difference in her. She hugged me, tried kissing me and I knew she knew that all of my attention was on her and not on someone or something else. It was magical.

I hope this is the start to many more wonderful walks with my daughter!

Minnie Mouse Catch n’ Count Butterfly Net Bath Toy from Sassy

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and giving me the Minnie Mouse Catch n’ Count Butterfly Net Bath Toy for free.

Bath toys are a big hit in this house — even the “baby” toys are overtaken by my 5-year-old.

As much as I try to keep him from taking Little L’s things, it’s inevitable. And really, I shouldn’t complain. I’m glad he’s happy with her toys. It means he’s easy to please!

5 Ways I Calm My Crying Baby

Crying babies. As a mama, you can’t escape it! But you can find ways to help your baby (and yourself) keep calm.

Some days, I’m bullet proof — the crying, the whining, the complaining (from my older child) just rolls off my back. But other days, I’m thinking “Oh no! What now?”

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