Maria José Ovalle

Born in Chile and raised in the US, María José is a mamá to a four year old boy and a daughter born January 2013 living in the Washington, D.C. area. She is a PR by profession and blogs about her family as well as personal style and beauty for busy mamas on Very Busy Mamá — Life, Beauty & Style. When she does have a spare minute, she actively participates in local theater productions and is known to run a marathon or two. She is set to run the Marine Corps Marathon in October 2013. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

The Magic of Family Members Helping with Childcare

For any parent the topic of childcare is never ever easy. Whether you work at home, stay at home, own your own business or commute everyday to your job we all need help with our children — even if it’s to get out to get a hair cut or shop alone.

Over the past year I’ve somehow (not sure how) managed to keep my head above water with two kids and building my own media business and brand. It grew out of my blog and then of course, writing for Disney and sharing my journey and other contracts, including handling all of the social media for a local D.C. area company which is now my main job. It’s truly been amazing, however extremely tiring and not always gone smoothly. The reality is we can’t do it all alone and working in 15 – 30 minute increments is not exactly productive, nor is staying up until 2:00am.

However, full time childcare was just not possible for us financially and I thought long and hard whether as to where I could cut back to find a happy medium. After a visit last year for my brother’s wedding, a cousin of mine put forth the idea of living with us and helping us with the kids. Upon discussing it with my husband we decided it was good for all of us to have not only someone care for our children, but we could afford it, it is someone we know, love and trust and loves our children. She also gets the experience of living (somewhat on her own after college) and perfecting her English. We feel truly lucky to have this opportunity which we know very well does not happen for many.

And the end of the day, it is quite magical for me as well — my children get spoken to in Spanish by someone other than me and I’ve been reminded of the importance of more than just mami and papi — children need to learn to love, care and share time with other members of the extended family. There is so much good in this situation and I am thankful everyday.

¡Gracias Teresa!

Have you had family members care for your children? How has your experience been?

My Toddler Now Takes a Pacifier... and Why I'm Happy She Does

I’m pretty certain Little L (now 15 months) hasn’t taken a pacifier since she was 4 months old. Not sure how or why, but one night she just spat it out and never wanted it again.

Disney Shoes Wish List for Mom

Looking through the Disney Store site I realized that there are some super stylish baby shoes that I found myself wishing they had in MY size. I mean, we adults love Disney too! And as a fashion blogging mama, I’d love to style them with spring outfits.

There were many to choose from, but here is my Disney Shoe wish list. I’m a size 7 please!

Thoughts on Flying Overseas with Kids

I don’t stress out easily, but the idea of flying with two kids, a 5 year old and a recently walking and very active 14 month old and keeping them happy and in their seats scares the life out of me!

I’ve had plenty of experiences traveling to and from the UK and from the UK to Chile and BACK with a 6 month old. I know the hard work it entails. However, I am determined to keep calm so that I don’t pass on my stress and anxiety to Little L.

Power Banana Chocolate Protein Smoothie Recipe

I love smoothies! I have at least one a day, at any time. They fill you up, and it’s a great way to get your fruits and veggies and increase your protein intake.

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