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Michelle Horton is the founder of EarlyMama.com — a site that encourages and inspires anyone who started families on the "earlier" end of the parenting spectrum — and is a regular contributor to Babble.com, including their Family Style and Being Pregnant blogs. If she's not writing articles or testing out baby gear, she's most likely wrapped up in her toddler's imaginative role play. She lives in New York with her husband and son. Follow Michelle on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Benjamin at 7 Months

Benjamin is turning 7 months this week, and he’s starting to get to that fun, little-monkey stage. He’s full of personality — belly laughs and smiles abound — and so much more baby-like than he’s been, yet isn’t totally mobile yet.

It’s a sweet spot in the first year, for sure.

Take a peek at Benjamin as he rounds his 7-month milestone:

New Must-See Minnie Mouse Baby Gear

If you’re putting together a Minnie Mouse baby nursery for your little girl (always a cute choice, in my opinion), you might want to check out this newest collection of Minnie gear.

Not only are the products packed with convenient features, but I especially love the vintage Minnie illustrations!

Check them out…

The Most PEACEFUL Baby Names

When I was brainstorming baby names for my unborn baby boy, there was one overall theme: peacefulness.

My unexpected pregnancy sent me spiraling into a turbulent, life-evaluating transitional time in my life, and the one thing I needed was zen. Calm. Tranquility. And so I went with a name that not only had a peaceful meaning, but had a soft and poetic sound: Noah. (This was before the Noah boom hit, although it’s the perfect name for my sweet, quiet, contemplative little boy.)

If you’re drawn to that same kind of vibe, check out these baby name ideas that have a soft sound, a calm vibe, and/or the meaning of peace. (Hint: A lot of these baby names could be perfect for a meaningful middle name.):

So, Is This Crawling?

While Noah didn’t crawl until the 9-month milestone, little baby Benny can fully make it across the living room floor at 6 months. And he picks up speed every day — officially making him a “mobile” baby.

Read: Oh crap, now it begins.

But here’s the thing: Is he technically crawling?

Another Baby Nursery for Pooh Lovers

The baby nursery game certainly isn’t short on Winnie the Pooh options, but only because it’s one of the sweetest, most popular themes for a baby’s room.

You want vintage Pooh? Got it. Bright and sunny Pooh? Sure. A girlier version? Done.

And so if you’re welcoming your little one into the world of The Hundred Acre Wood, here’s another brand new crib bedding collection at Kmart:

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