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I Said, "No!" Defiant Toddlers Are a Good Thing, Right?

My toddler son has definitely entered a phase of expressing himself better these days, but sometimes, it means he’s a little demanding and downright defiant. At only two years old, my baby boy sure does know how to use the word ‘No’ effectively, perhaps a little too well even. He is not one that needs a personal development course in learning how to say no, believe me. In fact, we adults could probably learn a thing or two from defiant toddlers, though I would hope we’re a bit more polished with our manners. Defiance in a toddler can be a good thing, right? Let’s explore what I mean by that.

Toddler Screaming No

A Ladies' Man in the Making

My two-year-old baby boy is already showing signs of being what is commonly deemed “a ladies’ man.” It’s not just that people (women specifically) think he’s adorable, handsome, or cute (all being compliments he’s received). If we think about it, I think the majority of people find babies and toddlers to be cute. It’s more that he himself will purposely talk to women, gravitate towards them, or point them out. We definitely don’t encourage him, but it seems we just keep running into situations regarding the ladies. Let me share a recent example of this.

Toddler Boy and Girl Holding Hands

Teach Your Toddler Good Hygiene Skills with Favorite Disney Characters!

Now that my baby boy is 2 years old, he’s able to do a lot more on his own. As a toddler, he is beginning to do things like washing his own hands, feeding himself, and trying to dress himself. Because toddlers play hard, it also means they now get dirtier and messier than they did as babies. This presents a wonderful opportunity to begin teaching toddlers about good hygiene. What better way to teach them good hygiene skills than with some of their favorite Disney characters?

Teach Your Toddler Good Hygiene Skills with Favorite Disney Characters!

It's a Small World Love Nourishing Cleansing Bar Soap from basq

5 Fragrance-Free Products for Your Disney Baby's Sensitive Skin

One of the things I never purchased for my first baby was specialized laundry detergent. It was something I knew about, but I figured her baby clothes would be fine if washed along with ours in regular detergent. It worked out fine, thankfully, but with my second child, I now know that special products are essential for some babies with sensitive skin. Since my baby boy has eczema, we buy a lot of fragrance-free baby products, including the laundry detergent. His skin just needs it. If your baby has sensitive skin, or you simply prefer to use fragrance-free products, check out these fragrance-free baby care items from Disney Baby!

5 Fragrance-Free Baby Products for Baby’s Sensitive Skin

5 Fragrance-Free Products for Your Baby's Sensitive Skin

A Boy and His Love of Leche (Milk)

Baby boy: “Mommy?”

Me: “Yes, baby?”

Baby boy (rubbing his belly): “I looooove cheche!”

Me (stifling laughter): “I know, baby boy. I know.”

We go through a lot of leche (milk) in our house, or cheche as baby boy pronounces it. I think if baby boy could, he would seriously drink a whole gallon of milk in one day. He asks for his leche all the time – at every meal, in-between meals, and for snack time. Of course, we don’t give him that much milk each day. We do mix it up by giving him water and sometimes juice, but it’s always received with protests from baby boy. It takes a while for him to actually give in and drink the non-milk that’s in his cup.

Glass Milk Bottle
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