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Melanie Edwards is the founder and editor of ModernMami™.com, an award-winning lifestyle blog, and owner of Ella Media. Married 9 years, she is the proud mother of an energized 6-year-old girl and 1-year-old boy, who are being raised in a bilingual, multicultural environment. Originally from Puerto Rico, Melanie now resides in Orlando, Florida. Connect with Melanie on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+!

7 Baby-Friendly Latin-Inspired Easter Appetizer Recipes

Easter is quickly coming upon us – can you believe there’s only a couple of weeks left until the holiday? As is customary for many families, Easter Sunday means big family get-togethers or parties to celebrate the day. Why not, right? Holidays are a great way to celebrate together and enjoy friends and family, along with some great food. Plus, your baby or toddler will get to know relatives and become accustomed to holiday traditions!

Baby-Friendly Latin-Inspired Easter Appetizer Recipes

Why Blankets Are A Parent's Best Friend

When I first got pregnant with my oldest daughter, the very first thing I bought her was a fluffy blanket. It was so cute in the store that I just couldn’t resist! At my baby shower, I received many more baby blankets, as was also true for my second child’s baby shower. I came to find out that there was no such thing as “too many baby blankets” – I literally could use their blankets for much more than their name implies. Just like fellow blogger Nadia, I used my baby’s blanket as a burping cloth, play mat, and nursing cover. I also would use it as a changing pad when needed and didn’t have mine readily available.

Disney Baby Blankets

Latino Traditions for Celebrating Easter with Babies and Toddlers

Celebrating Easter with your baby or toddler can be lots of fun. There are so many pretty colors, beautiful spring flowers, and tons of cute animals to learn about! Plus, the meaning and history of Easter is one you can share with your baby through stories, books, and traditions. Throughout much of Latin America, Easter is celebrated in various ways, many of which are slightly different than how Easter is celebrated here in the United States. However, the theme of family togetherness and Easter fun persist! Check out these traditions for celebrating Easter that many Latinos continue to embrace, regardless of whether they are first- or third-generation Latinos living in the U.S.

Latino Traditions for Celebrating Easter with Babies & Toddlers

My Son's Favorite Nursery Rhymes

Nursery rhymes are a great way to introduce babies to literacy and make for a wonderful bedtime reading ritual. Rhymes are usually short, sweet, and fun! Plus, the rhyming rhythm has been shown to be very pleasing to baby’s ears. It really is fun to read nursery rhymes to your baby and as he becomes a toddler, you’ll notice he’ll learn the names of some of the nursery rhymes you read and may even join you in reciting his favorites! My baby boy has recently begun to ask for a few nursery rhymes by name or I’ll find him repeating them to himself throughout the day. Here are a few of my son’s favorite nursery rhymes that I’m sure your baby will love too!

Mom Reading to Baby
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