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Melanie Blodgett writes daily at her blog You Are My Fave - a mix of parties, projects and fave finds. Her and her husband Ryan welcomed their first child in April, a happy little guy named Beck. They're currently settling into their new roles and their first home in the sunny city of Denver. Read more from Melanie on You Are My Fave, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for updates.

Quick! Make This Halloween Costume in 10 Minutes

Today’s the day! The day where you knock on doors and are given candy. Strange when you really think about it, but it’s a child’s dream. If you forgot a costume for your little one (or plain ran out of time), this marathon runner costume can be put together in 10 minutes or less with items you probably already own. All you need is:

A Colorful, Outdoor First Birthday Party

I think a park is the perfect setting for a first birthday party and this one held for Sophie proves just that. A happy set-up with colorful decorations, sandwiches and cupcakes, and easy access to the playground made the celebration a success.

12 Kid's Halloween Costumes Inspired by Books

There’s no better place to look for costume inspiration than the books you find yourself reading to your kids time and time again. They’ll be excited to dress as their favorite character, and you’ll be excited to find a lot of the items you need already in the closet. This is my favorite costume round-up yet!

Beck and the Pumpkin Patch

Before Beck was born my sister told me, “Holidays are better with kids.” At the time, all I could picture was having to tend to a child before getting to eat Thanksgiving dinner and couldn’t imagine that was true. But as Beck grows and gets excited about traditions we establish, I couldn’t agree more. Especially when it comes to Halloween.

Last weekend, we participated in the popular tradition of visiting a pumpkin patch, and Beck’s enthusiasm and pumpkin perching made the event much more fun than dragging my husband to the patch a few years earlier. I love seeing the wonderment in Beck’s eyes and actions. Here you can see it through these photos I put together from the day.

Beck at 18 Months

Oh boy, 18 months. I love this age but I’m also exhausted by this age. With the curiosity and mobility comes exploration, messes and a shaving brush dropped down the drain. But at least I can say this kid makes me belly laugh every day.

At 18 months, Beck:

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