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Melanie Blodgett writes daily at her blog You Are My Fave - a mix of parties, projects and fave finds. Her and her husband Ryan welcomed their first child in April, a happy little guy named Beck. They're currently settling into their new roles and their first home in the sunny city of Denver. Read more from Melanie on You Are My Fave, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for updates.

Beck Meets Santa

Beck doesn’t really get the whole Christmas thing yet, let alone know who Santa is, but that doesn’t stop me from toting him along to festive activities. The other day, I decided it was about time he met Santa, so we went to a local retailer that goes all out and not only has a great Santa, but a free carousel and cute games for the kids. As you can tell by the photos, Beck just stared at everything taking it all in. When it was time for him to sit on the jolly man’s lap, he ran up enthusiastically but didn’t give a hoot once he was actually sitting down. Here’s a peek at a few of the moments.

Mess-Free Painting with Your Toddler

When I picked up Beck from a babysitter the other day, I was surprised when she handed me a completed painting. I told her she was brave for pulling out paints with a toddler — and then she shared her clever, mess-free method. Here’s what she did:

Beck at 19 Months

Oh boy, 19 months. Does that mean I need to start saying he’s closer to 2 years old? Because I can’t accept that yet.

At 19 months Beck:

10 Modern Nurseries with Wallpaper

If I had my way, my whole house would be covered in wallpaper. But my husband is concerned about “resale value,” so for now I’ll settle with just the powder bath. Or I’ll sneak some into Beck’s room while he’s away. Look how great a pop of pattern can look in a nursery.

25 One Syllable Names for Boys

We’ve gotten a few eyebrows raised when we say our son’s name is just Beck. “No Beckett? Or Beckham?” I get asked. But I like the short and sweet versions of names, especially because our last name of Blodgett isn’t always the most friendly when pairing it with a first name. If you have a long last name, you might be looking for a short baby name too. That is where these one-syllable boy’s names come in. I think you’ll like them.

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