Mary McBride

Mary McBride is mother to two Ethiopian daughters and wife to one geek husband. She lives in San Francisco with her sweet little family and one too many cats. Mary writes about adoption, family life, and her inability to resist dessert on her family blog, Finding Magnolia. Follow Finding Magnolia on Twitter and like them on Facebook to stay updated on all of their family adventures.

Celebrating 24 Months of Elvie

On Tuesday, Elvie turned two. We will have her party later in the week, so we just had quiet little celebrations throughout the day at home. I put chocolate on her pancakes, and we went for a walk when she insisted that it was time to go bye-bye. I let her choose what shoes she wanted to wear, and I sent a favorite snack with her to the park when our sitter came for a few hours. We sang Happy Birthday repeatedly, so much that by the end of the day, she would break into song herself, crooning, “Happy day you!” at every opportunity. After she was in bed, I scrolled through photos of her life. Though we adopted her when she was four and half months old, we have photos from the very beginning of her life. So I selected my favorite from each of her twenty-four months, and that is what I am sharing with you today. She has done so much in her first twenty-four months. I can’t wait to see what the next twenty-four will hold.

Looking Forward to Elvie's Bright Future

A lot has been happening in Elvie’s little world lately. Near the end of January, she was finally released from using her big, rigid brace. She excelled at physical therapy and started walking again without issue. She started climbing and figured out how to get up onto the couch all by herself. With her legs extended into the right position, she grew tall enough to reach the drawer with the markers. Life has been eventful, and there is one event that is upcoming that will change everything for Elvie.

From Babyhood to Toddlerhood and Beyond: Mickey and Minnie SuperBibs

Lately I’ve been sorting through Elvie’s things, trying to decide what we can still use, what I want to keep for memory’s sake, and what needs to be passed along to someone else. It’s surprised me how many of things that we used for her as a baby, we are still using now. There are even things that we still keep in the diaper bag that have been there almost since the beginning of our days together. This is especially true of bibs. We have a few different kinds that we use, depending on the situation, but the most versatile type is the waterproof wipe-clean variety. To tuck it away in the diaper bag, I like it to be compact. The Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse SuperBibs from Bumkins are just perfect for this.

Elvie's Strong Opinions, and Why I Love Them

We knew from the moment we saw the first photos of Elvie that she was an engaged baby with a strong personality. By the time we arrived in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to adopt her and bring her home with us, she was quite sick and weak, but we could still see a spark in her. We didn’t know just what it would become, but we knew that she clearly had enough determination to keep going until we were able to get to her and get her back to the US for medical treatment. As she has grown, her personality has emerged and gotten stronger. She is happy, and friendly, and she brushes off hurts more easily than anyone I know. Hearing that, you might think she is easygoing, but you would be wrong. Because Elvie has opinions, and she does not like it when others disagree with those opinions. And I love this about her.

Elvie Loves Her Minnie Nuk

When we first met Elvie, and she was unbelievably tiny, we offered her a pacifier. We chose Nuk brand because I knew a lot of kids who used them and liked them, and with that handy handle, it was easy to tether them to things. Elvie had never taken a pacifier before, but she loved it from first suck. Her first pacifiers were all in Size 1, for ages 0-6 months, and when we tried to size up once she grew, she was not interested. I got a little tired of the original pacifiers we’d bought, and we kept losing them, so I added to her collection, choosing fun designs and colors that would coordinate with her outfits. We were given some Minnie and Mickey Nuks, but they were in a bigger size, and were summarily rejected. I was a little bit bummed, because these pacifiers are so cute. Much to my delight, we recently discovered that the Minnie and Mickey designs are available in Size 1 from Babies”R”Us.

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