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Mary Lauren Weimer is a social worker turned mother turned writer. She has a Master’s Degree in Social Work and worked in the mental health field for over 8 years. After her third child was born in 2009 she rediscovered her passion for writing, and started a blog to document her experiences. My 3 Little Birds is the story of her journey as a mother and writer. Instead of writing primarily about her personal experiences, her blog conveys the universal lessons learned through motherhood. It’s her belief that motherhood raises the woman, not just the child. In addition to Disney Baby, you can find Mary Lauren at Babble, where she writes about all things toddler at Toddler Times.

The Moment Disney Magic Became Real

I’ve always heard about the magic of Disney, but I’ll be honest: I wasn’t really sure if I bought the idea. Call me a skeptic but growing up, I preferred to keep my feet firmly rooted in reality than in fairy tales.

When I became a mother, though, something started to change. Suddenly I wanted to believe.

Our family recently spent a few days at Disney World, and like any parent I wanted to make it special for my children. I spent a lot of time planning and researching our vacation, deciding which rides and attractions my kids would enjoy the most. My husband and I asked each child their number one priority: For my 9 year old it was riding Space Mountain. My 5 year old wanted to visit the Haunted Mansion.

What was my toddler’s wish? To meet Sleeping Beauty.

My boys’ wishes were easy enough to grant, but meeting Sleeping Beauty was trickier. We weren’t able to reserve a spot at any of the character meals with the Disney Princesses, and I knew the lines to meet the characters in the park would be really long. I told my 3 year old that we might have to settle for waving at Sleeping Beauty in the parade.

We spent the final day of our trip at Epcot and enjoyed lunch in the France Pavilion. Suddenly, Sleeping Beauty appeared out of nowhere! I think the look on my daughter’s face says it all.

To the Moon and Back: Mamas Share the Sweet Nothings They Tell Their Little Ones

Motherhood is full of tiny rituals every day: the way you have to kiss those chubby cheeks each time you swoop up your baby in your arms. How you tie the bow around her ponytail just so.  The lullabies you sing at the end of each night.

All mothers have special things they say only to their children— the sweet nothings that become meaningful not because they’re profound or eloquent, but because of who they’re said to.

Six mothers are sharing their versions of “sweet nothings.” What do you say to your child?

Moving Away from Our Baby's First Home

I remember the day we brought my daughter home from the hospital. It was May, and the little river town we call home had just withstood a major spring storm. Tree limbs littered the roads and the the creek rushed muddy at the foot of the hill. Power was out in parts of our area and roads had flooded, impassable to some of those who’d wanted to visit our sweet little one.

Three days in the hospital and we were unaware of what had gone on outside its walls. My husband and I were in new baby love and we were eager to get her home to her brothers.

That first summer was hard. With each new baby you have to relearn the rhythm of life with a newborn: the endless hours on the sofa, the nursing, the lack of sleep. But the heart makes room and the head makes sense of it all. We kept mostly to ourselves, my children and I, only venturing outside for short walks to the playground or to throw rocks in the creek.

Our home became something more than a place to dwell. It was where we settled in, made a nest, and made our family.

It was where we spent humid afternoons on the front porch swing.

It was where we built pillow forts and made mud pies.

It was where my baby took her first steps, said her first words, and made her first memories.

Bringing Home Baby: 4 Tips for Your Hospital Homecoming

I’ll never forget the day we brought our newborn son home from the hospital. He looked impossibly small in his brand-new car seat and his feet stuck out from under his tiny cotton gown. I sat in the backseat with him on the ride, and when we pulled into the driveway of our little while house the whole family greeted us on the porch.

Both sets of parents and one set of grandparents were anxiously awaiting our arrival. I remember so clearly thinking, We’re home. Now what?

Bringing your new baby home from the hospital is one of the most anticipated aspects of the whole experience. And while I had a lot of help, in some ways I was totally unprepared.

Here are my tips for the big day, from one mom to another. I hope they’re helpful for you.

Baby It's Cold Outside: My Favorite Shower Gifts for Winter Babies

It may not be winter yet, but if you’re currently looking for that perfect baby shower present, odds are good that the little bundle is due to arrive during the winter months.

Look no further than Disney Baby for all of your gifting needs. With so many cold-weather options available in a variety of adorable styles, we’ve got you covered!

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