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Martine Foreman is a writer on a mission to stop working (because when you do what you love, it’s not work). On her lifestyle blog, CandidBelle, Martine shares the ups and downs of her crazy journey as a busy mom of two, wife, and entrepreneur. An honest chick from Brooklyn, NY (now living in the burbs), Martine writes about relationships, motherhood, fitness and inspiration, while also sharing her honest thoughts about a variety of products, tools, services and experiences. Her hope is to help women get the most out of life. A contributor to Black and Married With Kids and MommyNoire, Martine resides in Maryland with her husband, kids and crazy cat Pepper. Follow Martine on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

7 Tips for Raising a Baby Who Will Love to Read

I recently experienced a perfect end to a very busy day. Bath time was over, and my little munchkins were ready for bed. They both went into my son’s room to select a few books for us to read together for bedtime. They came back with five selections. We all got settled on the big, comfy chair in my daughter’s room, and I began to read. It was perfect.

Her Hugs Sustain Me

My son and my daughter are different in so many ways. He loves really warm water; she likes being splashed with freezing water. She loves avocado and he is not a fan. And from an early age, my son has loved hugs, while Jada—well, she hasn’t really been that big on hugging. She has always shown her affection through smiles.

9 Fun Things to Do with Apples This Fall

I love autumn. One of my favorite things about this beautiful season is the abundance of apples. Apples have to be the coolest fruit ever, loved by everyone, from babies to adults.

5 of Our Favorite Family Fall Traditions

Fall is in the air! Okay, maybe it’s actually in my head, because I’m in Maryland and it’s going to be 90 degree this weekend. Despite the warm forecast, though, the truth is that summer is over, school is back in session, and some of us are already making travel plans for the holidays. It’s time to prepare for a new season.

Jada and Her Puppies

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and giving me Pluto Disney Baby Mini Jingler and Patch Disney Baby Mini Jingler for free.

We are a cat family, but recently my daughter has fallen in love with two of the cutest dogs we have ever seen. The are sweet and cuddly and they jingle everywhere they go. 

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