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Martine Foreman is a writer on a mission to stop working (because when you do what you love, it’s not work). On her lifestyle blog, CandidBelle, Martine shares the ups and downs of her crazy journey as a busy mom of two, wife, and entrepreneur. An honest chick from Brooklyn, NY (now living in the burbs), Martine writes about relationships, motherhood, fitness and inspiration, while also sharing her honest thoughts about a variety of products, tools, services and experiences. Her hope is to help women get the most out of life. A contributor to Black and Married With Kids and MommyNoire, Martine resides in Maryland with her husband, kids and crazy cat Pepper. Follow Martine on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

5 Important Lessons from a Dad to His Daughter

Growing up, my father was not a major part of my life. He was around but, unfortunately, our relationship wasn’t very meaningful, especially after his relationship with my mom ended. Thankfully, my mom’s love provided what I needed to become a happy, well-adjusted adult, and the men in my life (two uncles in particular) filled the void. I will forever be grateful for that.

8 Ways We Manage "Toy Clutter" (Before It Takes Over!)

There aren’t many babies or young children in our family. My kids are actually the youngest. We also don’t have a very large family, and everyone loves our little ones to pieces, so you can imagine how much stuff my kids get. Birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, and of course, just because gifts have filled our home. It’s a blessing, indeed, but we also don’t want to spoil the kids. Plus, after a while, it starts to feel like we are living in a toy store. It became time to de-clutter.

9 Things I Miss About the First Few Months with My Babies

My little Jada Bear, as we affectionately call her, will be 21 months old next week. I can see her 2nd birthday on the horizon, and I am puzzled by where the time went. It seems to have gone by so much faster than those first two years of my son’s life. Maybe it’s because I spent more time at home with him before returning to work (18 months vs. the 4 months I stayed home with Jada). Maybe I am busier now and the days just feel like one big blur. I can’t be sure. I just know that I really feel like I was pregnant with her yesterday, and now I have a soon-to-be toddler on my hands.

A Letter to My Daughter About Being a Little Sister

As you know, I am the youngest of two. Your uncle was six when I was born. He’s loved me from the very start, making me feel protected at every turn in my life. Indeed, after six years of running things, he welcomed me with open arms. I love him for that.

Babies"R"Us #BRUHappyPlaces Twitter Party Tonight at 9PM

Join me tonight at 9 p.m., ET for an awesome Twitter Party being hosted by @BabiesRUs. During the party, you can learn more about the #BRUHappyPlaces campaign, find out when to visit Babies”R”Us for their exciting in-store event, get fabulous decorating tips, and have a chance to win amazing prizes. If you need help with getting great ideas to create your child’s dream room, this Twitter party is the place to be! We’ll be chatting about everything from space to storage to decorating.

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