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Martine Foreman is a writer on a mission to stop working (because when you do what you love, it’s not work). On her lifestyle blog, CandidBelle, Martine shares the ups and downs of her crazy journey as a busy mom of two, wife, and entrepreneur. An honest chick from Brooklyn, NY (now living in the burbs), Martine writes about relationships, motherhood, fitness and inspiration, while also sharing her honest thoughts about a variety of products, tools, services and experiences. Her hope is to help women get the most out of life. A contributor to Black and Married With Kids and MommyNoire, Martine resides in Maryland with her husband, kids and crazy cat Pepper. Follow Martine on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

A Letter to My Daughter About Being a Little Sister

As you know, I am the youngest of two. Your uncle was six when I was born. He’s loved me from the very start, making me feel protected at every turn in my life. Indeed, after six years of running things, he welcomed me with open arms. I love him for that.

Babies"R"Us #BRUHappyPlaces Twitter Party Tonight at 9PM

Join me tonight at 9 p.m., ET for an awesome Twitter Party being hosted by @BabiesRUs. During the party, you can learn more about the #BRUHappyPlaces campaign, find out when to visit Babies”R”Us for their exciting in-store event, get fabulous decorating tips, and have a chance to win amazing prizes. If you need help with getting great ideas to create your child’s dream room, this Twitter party is the place to be! We’ll be chatting about everything from space to storage to decorating.

Twitter Party

20 Things My Baby Loves at 20 Months

As much as I love summer and want to savor every minute of it with my kids, I can’t help but feel like fall is around the corner. I’m not complaining because I actually love fall. It’s my favorite season. But this year, I am honestly hoping that fall takes its sweet time to arrive, and it’s not because I love fall any less than I once did; it’s because Jada’s birthday is in the fall and she will be two. I am not ready for her to be two.

Under the Sea: Our Favorite Little Mermaid Baby Gear

I have been a fan of The Little Mermaid for years. I can’t even tell you how long I’ve been calling forks, “Dinglehoppers.” Indeed, Ariel is one of my favorite Disney princesses. Her magical story has been a part of my life for years, and now Jada loves her story, too.

Summer is all about trips to the beach, giving children ample opportunity to explore the seashore. Sure, they may not be able to explore what’s under the sea, but they can certainly look like they belong with Princess Ariel by wearing some adorable Little Mermaid gear. Here are some Little Mermaid favorites. 

9 Adorable Girl Outfits That Are Not Pink

I remember hating pink for stretch of years when I was a child. I’m not sure why. Maybe it was my tomboyish ways. Pink just wasn’t my thing. After a couple of years in college, my love for pink returned and we have been in a good – actually great – place ever since. Pink makes me happy.

I always said that I would never buy a ton of pink stuff if I had a girl. I lied. Half of Jada’s closet is pink. But as she grows up, she may not like pink that much. Plus too much of a good thing is – well, too much. I’ve started to diversify Jada’s closet and dabble in more colors. I’m not knocking pink. I still love it. But I also think a little girl can be beyond adorable with other colors.

Here are the most adorable Disney outfits for little girls (and moms) who have truly had enough of the pink. 

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