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Martine Foreman is a writer on a mission to stop working (because when you do what you love, it’s not work). On her lifestyle blog, CandidBelle, Martine shares the ups and downs of her crazy journey as a busy mom of two, wife, and entrepreneur. An honest chick from Brooklyn, NY (now living in the burbs), Martine writes about relationships, motherhood, fitness and inspiration, while also sharing her honest thoughts about a variety of products, tools, services and experiences. Her hope is to help women get the most out of life. A contributor to Black and Married With Kids and MommyNoire, Martine resides in Maryland with her husband, kids and crazy cat Pepper. Follow Martine on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

7 Super Helpful Things Every Tired Mom Needs in Her Bag

Motherhood is wonderful and magical, and I would not trade it for anything in the world. But, can I be honest with you for a second? Motherhood is incredibly tiring. It’s not a complaint, because my children add countless moments of joy to my life; it’s simply an observation. Raising people is no easy feat, and moms everywhere need more rest.

6 Things I Definitely Want to Do Before Having Another Baby

As a mom of two, I find myself in this weird space lately—constantly wondering if we should have a third child. I wish it were any easy decision for me, but it’s not. I’m just not built that way. I find myself thinking about the financial obligations, the time commitment, being able to give each child what they need, and so much more.

Counting Down to Her 2nd Birthday

Two years ago today, I was very pregnant and patiently awaiting the arrival of my second child. I honestly thought she might show up at any moment because I started having Braxton Hicks contractions in September. I was convinced that, although she wasn’t due until October 20th, she would make an appearance long before her due date. I was wrong.

What I Hope She Always Sees

We don’t enter the world aware of our flaws. As children, we begin to believe we are flawed based on what the people around us think. First, we look for approval from those we love most. Later, we seek that approval from the outside world—our teachers and our friends. Ultimately, all our babies want is to feel like that they are fine just the way they are. Really, that’s what every human being wants.

Adorable Collection for Your Sleeping Beauty

One of my favorite Disney princess stories is that of Sleeping Beauty. Offering a fashion collection that will keep your little girl looking cute and feeling special, Disney has really created some beautiful pieces for their Sleeping Beauty Fashion Collection.

Take a look and you will be sure to find a few pieces that your little princess will love, whether they’re sleeping or awake. 

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