Martine Foreman

Martine Foreman is a writer on a mission to stop working (because when you do what you love, it’s not work). On her lifestyle blog, CandidBelle, Martine shares the ups and downs of her crazy journey as a busy mom of two, wife, and entrepreneur. An honest chick from Brooklyn, NY (now living in the burbs), Martine writes about relationships, motherhood, fitness and inspiration, while also sharing her honest thoughts about a variety of products, tools, services and experiences. Her hope is to help women get the most out of life. A contributor to Black and Married With Kids and MommyNoire, Martine resides in Maryland with her husband, kids and crazy cat Pepper. Follow Martine on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

Great Baby Names That Are 4 Letters or Less

I grew up with a long name. My first name has seven letters, and then my maiden name is nine letters long. As a child, it felt like a mouthful. By the time I was in high school, though, I loved my name. The length didn’t bother me one bit. 

Finding Strength in Motherhood

Has motherhood changed you? It know it has changed me. I mean, sure, at my core, I am the same person I have always been—a Brooklyn girl with a big heart and a sassy attitude (only when necessary). But motherhood has changed my priorities, my plans, my expectations and how I see the world. Most importantly, though, it has changed how I see myself.

Jada's Favorite Kale Smoothie Recipe

We recently bought one of those powerful blenders and boy have we been putting it to good use. The plan was for the blender to help my husband and me with our attempts to live healthier lives. Little did we know that Jada would jump and scream in excitement every time we pulled out ingredients and placed them in the blender.  We now call her the “smoothie queen.”

Jada's New Adventures in Water

I have a “mommy confession” to make. I cannot swim. I am well aware of that fact that I should know how to swim, but I don’t. Of course I have two kids who love the water. My son has been taking swimming lessons for several weeks and has made great progress, so naturally I decided to enroll in mommy and me swim classes with Jada.

New Arrival of Disney Tees for Baby

I love t-shirts. They are just so comfortable and cute. You can dress them up or down, and they are typically affordable and easy to care for. A mom couldn’t ask for more. It’s no wonder my kids own plenty of them.

Imagine how thrilled I was when I discovered Disney Store’s new arrival of adorable tees for baby. Featuring some of our favorite Disney characters, these tees are too cute to pass up, and they are the perfect item to add to your little one’s summer wardrobe.

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