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After working in television, public relations and education Lauren Jimeson finally found her niche being able to work from home as a freelance writer and a social media consultant. Lauren lives in New York City with her husband, two little girls, and her baby boy. She chronicles her life as a city mom with a suburban mentality on her personal blog, A Mommy in the City. Read even more from Lauren at, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+.

Macks' First Halloween

I have always been a huge fan of holidays and even more so when my children are celebrating them for the first time. Today is Macks’ first Halloween and while he doesn’t know that this day is any different from the rest, he will when he’s older.

With two older sisters, Macks was set up to have a very special first Halloween. The girls picked out his costume months in advance, and our oldest, Harlan, even wanted to coordinate her costume with his. She’s going as the princess and he’s going as the frog. I love that they care about him so much and want him to be involved in their daily lives and even special occasions like Halloween.

Baby's First Boo-Boo

Macks’ mobility has brought on new parenting challenges. He’s much more active than my girls ever were. As soon as he realized he could go from one place to another, he did it and never looked back.

It’s funny to see more parts of his personality peek through as he learns these new skills. I’ve come to find out that he is a very daring little boy and has no fear when it comes to getting or doing something that he wants. He’s tried to climb the walls, pull himself up on just about anything he can get his hands on, and will move as fast as lightening if he spots something from across the room that he wants. 

5 Diaper Changing Strategies for a Squirmy Baby

I vaguely remember the days when Macks would just lay down on the changing table for me to change his diaper. He would just lay there without a care in the world as I took my time to change him.

I should have told myself to cherish that time, because nowadays things are entirely different. Macks does not stop moving, and it’s especially hard when I’m trying to change his diaper.

Here are some strategies that I’ve used to help keep him still long enough for me to make it through diaper duty quickly.

Why Our Dream Feed Has Turned Into So Much More

As soon as Macks became aware of the wonderous world around him, nursing him became a whole lot harder. Our marathon nursing sessions turned into sprints, and he would eat just enough to satisfy him before moving onto something else. While I was so proud of him for wanting to explore, it took a toll on both of us. His weight quickly started to drop and my supply did the same.


Magical Moments from Macks' Eighth Month

Eight months has passed since I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy. It’s hard to believe that just eight short months ago I could hold him in my arms while he slept peacefully without making a soung. Now he’s on the move, chatting up a storm, and very rarely will fall asleep in my arms. It’s crazy how quickly these months go. Just as you begin to embrace a moment, it’s gone.

This month was full of milestones for Macks. He started crawling, pulling himself up, and two of his teeth popped through. With him on the move so much, it’s made it hard to get photos, but I managed to get a few and wanted to share my favorites.

Eight Months
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