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After working in television, public relations and education Lauren Jimeson finally found her niche being able to work from home as a freelance writer and a social media consultant. Lauren lives in New York City with her husband, two little girls, and her baby boy. She chronicles her life as a city mom with a suburban mentality on her personal blog, A Mommy in the City. Read even more from Lauren at, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+.

The Magic of Christmas in NYC

I remember by first Christmas in New York City. My oldest daughter was only a few months old and we spent it in a tiny one bedroom apartment that my husband was renting until we officially moved up with him. I’d been to NYC many times before, but never this time of year. There is a magical vibe in the city that is unlike anything that I’ve ever felt before. Amongst the hustle and bustle of the city, there are lights, holiday window displays, ice skating rinks, giant Christmas trees, and more.

Even as a resident of the city, every year you still feel the need to play tourist and see all that they city has to offer. It’s even more magical when you see it through the eyes of your children. 

7 Gifts for the Mickey Obsessed Baby

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is less than a week away. I am such a procrastinator when it comes to Christmas gifts and I still have shopping to do for the kids. Macks is pretty easy to shop for because he’s not quite old enough to really understand and will be happy with anything he gets.

I love to get him toys that will grow with him in different stages. He loves Mickey Mouse and I know will love him for a very long time, so I knew that Mickey Mouse gifts would be a nice surprise for him under the tree this year. There are so many adorable Mickey Mouse toys available that it’s hard to choose which ones to get for him. I’ve managed to narrow it down to some of my favorites. If you have a little one that loves Mickey Mouse as much as Macks does, check out these great gifts! 

Mickey Mouse Slip-On Sneakers

6 Tips for Taking Your Baby to See Santa

One of the most exciting things about this time of year is bringing the kids to visit Santa. My older children are at the age where they are making lists and cannot wait to tell them exactly what they want. Macks is too young to understand it all, but it’s still fun to take part in the tradition and let him see the man in the red suit.
A couple of weeks ago, we took all three of our kids to visit Santa at a store in town. I was unsure of how Macks would react to him becuase he is at the prime age of separation anxiety, but much to my surprise he was great with him!
If you are planning on taking your little one to visit Santa soon, check out these tips that might make it a jolly experience. 

Macks is Dancing!

At 10 months old, Macks is as interactive as ever. He loves to try to copy us, and is becoming more and more his own little person. Our family has had so much fun watching him learn these new tricks and seeing the pure joy on this face when he sees how happy we are when he does it.

His newest trick is that he’s learned how to dance. Whenever any music comes on or if you sing to him, he will sway from side to side and bounce up and down. He absolutely loves to dance and loves the beat of the music.

The other day while we were trying to pass the time in the afternoon before picking up my oldest from school, I had some music on for us. As I looked over as Macks, I saw him dancing away. It was one of the cutest things to see just how happy he was. Thankfully I had my phone and was able to record it.

Check out Macks’ newest milestone!

DIY Mickey and Minnie Mouse Holiday Cupcakes

Thanks to Disney Baby and for sponsoring this post and for giving me the Mickey and Minnie Mouse cupcake decorating supplies for free.

The holidays are such a fun time to bake. My girls and I love to make cupcakes on the weekend. While Macks is down for his nap, it’s a good bonding experience for us, and it’s even more fun when we can eat our project at the end.

This weekend, the girls and I decided to makes Mickey and Minnie Mouse holiday cupcakes using some of the baking supplies we ordered from The girls are super fans of Minnie Mouse and couldn’t wait to have some holiday fun. I was very excited to get a little bit creative and see what kind of cupcakes I could come up with.

Check out how we made them and how they turned out! 

DIY Holiday Cupcakes
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