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10 Songs That Help My Toddler Learn and Grow

It’s no secret that I love singing to Judah every day. Not only does it make the day more fun with my son, but music helps him learn and grow. Since I’ve been singing to Judah every day for over 19 months, he’s developed a few favorite tunes.

Here are Judah’s favorite nursery rhymes and songs – maybe they’ll inspire you to try some new tunes with your little one!

Why We Love Our CARS Booster Seat

Thanks to Disney Baby for sponsoring this post and giving me a CARS Booster Seat for free.

Ever since Judah was about a year, we’ve had a CARS booster seat that has been invaluable to us as new parents. Judah loves it and so do we – here’s why it’s one of our favorite, must-have pieces of baby gear!

Our Sick Day Survival Kit

With winter here, there’s no avoiding sniffles and sneezes – Judah himself just got over a bad cold. I hate seeing him get sick; it’s still one of the hardest things about being a parent. While coughs and colds might be inevitable, there’s plenty I can do to make things a little easier for Judah while he recovers.

Here’s our sick day survival kit.

Are We Ready for Potty Training?

Thanks to Disney Baby for sponsoring this post and giving me a Mickey and Friends Soft Potty Seat for free.

Last night, I did something I wasn’t expecting to do for another year, at least: I sat Judah on the potty for the very first time. While I wish I could say I had him potty trained in one sitting, it certainly opened up the doors to something that is way out of my league. “But he’s only 19 months old!” I thought – this was way earlier than I thought we’d be getting started with potty training.

But it seems like Judah might be more ready than we realized.

Make Your Own Mason Jar Snow Globe!

Looking for a fun seasonal craft, or simply something to keep the little ones entertained on a wintry day stuck indoors? Here is a super easy tutorial from Heather at WhipperBerry to make your own mason jar snow globes: a lovely way to spruce up your winter decor or a perfect finishing touch to a woodland-inspired nursery!

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