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15 Months, 15 Words

Judah is a talker. At 15 months old, he has close to 50 (!) words that he can say, from objects and people to animal sounds and other fun words. On top of that, he confidently understands over two dozen words and phrases and recognizes his favorite songs now! I’m so glad I created a Word Wall to help keep track of his language development – it’s become more than just a neat keepsake of baby’s first words: we’re using it as a learning tool on a daily basis.

We think that Judah has picked up so many words from the fact that both his Mom and Dad have the gift of gab, as well as his time at daycare two half-days a week, and all of the places we take him. In addition, we read to Judah almost every day, and I spend a lot of time singing and pointing out words and things to him all the time. It’s just a part of how I interact with him. Judah is surrounded by words and language, and he is clearly soaking it all up like a happy, babbling sponge!

Some words we hear just about every day from Judah: Click through to see Judah’s favorite 15 words at 15 months old!

Batter Up! Judah's First Baseball Game

Judah was in for a special treat with his Pop Pop and Nana in town this week. It was made even more special when my husband won two tickets to see the Boston Red Sox play at Fenway Park while they were here! I was more than happy for Judah to attend his first baseball game with his Dada and Pop Pop. My father-in-law, Steve, has been talking about taking Judah to his first Sox game since before he was born! All three of them had a fantastic time – even if the Sox lost that night. (We’re all Red Sox fans, so we’re gluttons for punishment.)

Here are highlights from Judah’s first night at the ballpark and some tips on how you can have a great time at the ball game with your toddler in tow.

Halloween Costumes for Baby Now at Disney Store

Get a head start on your Halloween costume planning for your little one with these supercute costumes from Disney Store. We’re already starting to think about Judah’s costume this year, and these new costumes at Disney Store are giving me lots of inspiration.

Now through this Thursday, you can get free shipping on at Disney Store’s Halloween shop with code “TREAT” at checkout! Which of these new costumes for baby are your favorites right now at Disney Store?

What's Your Diaper Bag Style?

When Judah was still a newborn, I felt like I couldn’t leave the house without a smaller version of his nursery traveling with us in the diaper bag. Now that Judah is 15 months, I’ve learned that diaper bags aren’t necessarily “one size fits all.” Depending on what we’re doing for the day, I have lots of different diaper bag styles depending on the occasion.

Here are my 8 diaper bag styles — which one is closest to your style?

Bubbles Make Any Moment Magical... Anywhere!

Here’s my odd mom confession: I always have a small bottle of bubbles tucked away in the diaper bag or car whenever I leave the house. For just $3 a bottle, it’s a mommy life hack that doesn’t break the bank. And if it spills? No worries – it basically cleans itself! It’s the best $3 I’ve ever spent just to watch Judah’s face light up.

It’s no wonder then that his favorite word is “bubble.”

The beauty of bubbles is that they can turn any ordinary moment with your little one into a magical moment.

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