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Keiko Zoll is a writer, foodie, all-around geek and new mom to baby Judah, born May 2013. Married to her high school sweetheart, Larry, Keiko lives in the greater Boston area with her two adorable cats. She writes at Team Zoll, her personal blog about parenting, food and life's zany adventures and is the founder of The Infertility Voice, an online empowerment resource for those living with infertility. Keiko also nerds it up at Words Empowered, her social media and web design consultancy. When she's not writing into the wee hours of the morning or Instagraming a million pictures of her son, you can find her all over the social web, geeking out on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

His Growing Independence

As Judah makes his way through the world – in a very literal sense, as he crawls, cruises and learns to walk – those baby steps take him off in new directions away from us as his parents. He’s off to explore his world and do things for himself. It’s a bittersweet part of motherhood – of parenthood, really. On the one hand, you’re proud of your child for their budding achievements but on the other hand, each step forward is another step farther away from the cuddly, snuggly days of babyhood.

Judah’s growing independence reveals to us just how fast our little one is growing up.

Red, White and Blueberries! A Perfect 4th of July Treat

Judah loves blueberries. I can’t emphasize that enough. When we went blueberry picking this past weekend at Johnson’s Farm in Medford, New Jersey, Judah literally ate them right off the blueberry bushes! With the 4th of July this weekend, I wanted to add a little variety to his “blueberry routine” (that is, eating blueberries at just about every meal right now) by whipping up a super easy snack: a patriotic red, white and blue parfait!

Here’s how you can make your own Red, White and Blueberry parfaitand how you can easily turn it into a delicious smoothie treat for your little who may be just getting started with solids.

Our Toddler's First Camping Trip Checklist

After nearly a two-year hiatus in summer camping trips, Team Zoll is ready to head back out into the wilderness! The most exciting part about our upcoming camping trip? Taking Judah with us for his first camping trip! While we’re not exactly backpacking into the deep forest, there are plenty of things we want to make sure we take to make sure that Judah is both comfortable, safe and entertained as we get closer with nature.

Besides the camping essentials like our tent, rain fly, flashlights and a cooler full of food and beverages, here’s our checklist for the camping essentials we need just for our toddler.

7 Tips for Safe Summer Fun in the Sun With Your Toddler

The summer weather here in New England has been perfectly glorious and sun-drenched the last few weeks. I’ll find just about any excuse to get out of the house and soak up the sun with my son, whether it’s just a quick walk downtown or an afternoon at the park. At Judah’s one-year checkup, our pediatrician told us that with the bright sunny summer days ahead, there’s plenty we can do to make sure that Judah stays safe in the sun.

Here are the 7 sun safety tips we use with our toddler every time we’re outdoors, so Judah can keep on having sunshine-y fun all summer long!

The Daycare Decision

Judah just started daycare two half-days a week. That first drop off was much harder for me than it was for him; he was so excited by the change in routine. As a stay-at-home mom, I felt like I wasn’t holding up my end of the deal, like I had somehow failed as a mom.

And then, even as I write this blog post, I remember I’m not just a stay-at-home mom – I’m a working mom, who just happens to work from home. The reality is that as Judah becomes more and more mobile and independent it’s getting harder and harder to get my work done during daylight hours. And with our mommy’s helper away for the summer, I was left with no help during the week.

Truth be told, I had started doing most of my writing at 1 a.m. After waking up entirely too bleary eyed – while my son was getting a wonderful uninterrupted night’s sleep – we knew it was time for a change.

Here’s how we made the daycare decision work for us.

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