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Keiko Zoll is a writer, designer, advocate, geek and all-around sassypants, blogging about parenting, geek chic, and living an inspired life at Good Strong Words. She's mom to Judah and wife to high school sweetheart, Larry (collectively known as Team Zoll). Keiko is also the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Infertility Voice. She is best known for her lullabies, Sunday morning pancakes, Instagram-ing way too many photos of food, and obsession with mason jars.Follow Keiko's adventures on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

Our Family Holiday Travel Checklist

With Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas all coming up soon, we’re in the thick of making our holiday travel plans. We’ve become masters of the road trip, thanks to our five hour car rides from Massachusetts to New Jersey, and now that we’ve flown twice with Judah, we know what we need when we travel by air, too.

Whether we’re just going away for an overnight or staying for a few days, here are the things we can’t leave home without.

Our Family Holiday Travel Checklist

18 Months, 18 Parenting Lessons We’ve Learned

I cannot believe that Judah is 18 months old today. Just last night, my husband and I joked that we couldn’t believe we’ve been parents for 18 months already! Every parent I talked to when I was pregnant warned us: “The time is going to fly” – and they weren’t kidding. In these past 18 months, we’ve learned so much about what it means to be a parent, and Judah is our wise and patient teacher.

Here are 18 important parenting lessons we’ve learned in Judah’s first 18 months.

The Wildest Celebrity Baby Names of 2014!

This year saw its share of plenty of celebrity births and of course, amazing celebrity baby names. But 2014 might just take the cake for some of the wildest, weirdest and just plain out-there celebrity baby names around! Buzz Michelangelo? Lyric Sonny Roads? Royal Reign?

Which of these 25 celebrity baby names are the wildest names of 2014? Click on through to decide for yourself!

So Lucky. So Grateful.

In the busy-ness of being a mom, sometimes I forget how lucky I am – how lucky I am to be a mom, to experience motherhood, to watch my husband experience fatherhood, to have this amazingly bright, curious, charming little toddler in our life. Parenting through infertility – not after, as it’s something that never truly leaves those who’ve experienced it – humbles me.

I am so lucky – and so grateful.

Why I Take My Toddler With Me to Vote

It’s Election Day! Even though the weather is super chilly here in New England, Judah, my husband and I bundled up and headed to the polls. Since it’s fairly close to where we live, we both quickly cast our votes before I dropped Judah off at daycare for the morning and my husband at the train station for work.

“But Keiko,” I hear you saying, “Judah isn’t even old enough to vote!” While that may be true, there’s a much more important reason why we bring our son with us to our polling place.

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