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Bubbles Make Any Moment Magical... Anywhere!

Here’s my odd mom confession: I always have a small bottle of bubbles tucked away in the diaper bag or car whenever I leave the house. For just $3 a bottle, it’s a mommy life hack that doesn’t break the bank. And if it spills? No worries – it basically cleans itself! It’s the best $3 I’ve ever spent just to watch Judah’s face light up.

It’s no wonder then that his favorite word is “bubble.”

The beauty of bubbles is that they can turn any ordinary moment with your little one into a magical moment.

Baby Registry Essentials - My Top 10 Wishes

With positive pregnancy test in hand, my husband and I looked at each other. Now what? It would be another few months before we’d venture into the store to actually start our baby registry. That first trip was overwhelming, for sure! Just what exactly did we really need? As first-time parents-to-be, we were clueless! While we had a great registry, looking back, there are definitely some items we could have used right off the bat that we never registered for.

Now that I’ve got my first full amazing year of motherhood under my belt, with time and experience comes plenty of mommy wisdom. Here are the top 10 essentials I wished I had thought of to add to my baby registry the first go round!

Celebrating Magical Moments with Disney Baby

It’s no secret that I love being a Disney Mom. As a first-time mom, Disney Baby has taught me how to celebrate all of the wonderful, special little moments of life with Baby and I feel so humbled and honored that I get to share those moments with all of you, too. Motherhood isn’t glamorous – but it is fun bonding with my little one, watching him grow and explore his world, and sharing Disney magic together as a family.

If you’re expecting a little one of your own or have just welcomed Baby into your family, Disney Baby is the place to get inspired, celebrate all those magical moments, and add a dash of Disney magic to life with Baby!

Get to know more about Disney Baby!

Why good2grow Juice Bottles Are My On-the-Go Lifesaver

I’ll never forget the first time I left the house without the diaper bag: it was like this moment of panic set in as I debated how long I could stay out with Judah until he’d need something from it. With perpetual mommy brain, forgetting the basics when I’m out and about can be an all-too-common occurrence. Thankfully, now that Judah’s older and doesn’t require a mini version of his nursery to travel with him, I don’t sweat it as much when I forget to bring along the diaper bag.

That is of course, until I forget one of his sippy cups. I can make do without baby wipes, his favorite on-the-go toys, or even snacks. But forgetting the sippy cup is kind of a big deal since Judah can’t drink from a cup. And while he can drink from a straw, it’s still kind of a hot mess unless we’re using his special straw cup.

And that’s when good2grow Apple Juice Bottles saves the day!

Why Didn't I Think of This Mom Hack Sooner?

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and for giving me a package of HUGGIES Little Movers Diapers for free.

I’d like to think that after almost 15 months of parenting, I’ve got this whole “motherhood” thing figured out for the most part. I know when my child is hungry, when he needs a nap, and when he just wants a cuddle. I’ve learned plenty of mom hacks, but in 15 months, I still hadn’t figured out the most basic mom hack of all: having a separate diaper caddy for our downstairs. Until this morning.

As I went to unlock the baby gate at the bottom of our stairs, I totally had an “aha!” moment when I realized that I didn’t have to schlepp up and down the stairs for every single diaper change – with a growing toddler who’s still not yet walking on his own, no less!

Here’s what I quickly put together to make diaper changes even that much easier in our house.

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