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Life Lessons from Our Child's Grandparents

Happy Grandparents’ Day! I can finally say, now that I’m a parent at 32 years old, I finally understand where my own parents have come from all these years. It’s just not something you get at 5, 13 or even 20, really – I don’t think anyone can truly understand the wisdom of their own parents – and why they do what they do – until they become a parent themselves.

Judah is lucky to have four wonderful grandparents in his life: my parents and my husband’s parents. Each of our parents have such wonderful lessons that we as adults finally understand. Even more special, these are the four life lessons they’ll teach our son as his grandparents.

10 Fall Activities I Can't Wait to Do With My Toddler!

I love the fall season and everything about it: cooler temps, longer sleeves, leaves turning orange and red… Autumn in New England is positively spectacular: beautiful weather and even more beautiful fall scenery. Now that Judah’s more mobile, there are lots more fall activities we’ll be able to do with him this autumn compared to last year.

Here are the 10 fall toddler activities I can’t wait to do with Judah this season!

Up to 40% at Disney Store Oh Baby! Sale

Now at Disney Store, you can save up to 40% off select styles for baby and toddler! With plenty of adorable fall fashions, now is the perfect time to stock up on cute autumn outfits for your little one. There’s more on sale than just clothes for baby, too: Save big on bath toys, feeding sets, bibs, decor and more. Check out over 200 baby items on sale here at Disney Store.

Here are my 10 favorite fall fashions you can snag for a bargain right now at Disney Store!

The One Thing Every Parent Should Know How to Do

Babies don’t come with an instruction manual, and even if they did, I bet we’d be spending more time trying to figure out the manual than figuring out our children. But even without instructions, there is one incredibly simple thing that every parent should learn to do for themselves. It’s not infant or toddler CPR. It’s not figuring out what your child needs every time they cry. It’s not even getting your child to sleep through the night.

This one skill is something that is far simpler than any of that, but oh so very, very important.

The One Thing Every Parent Should Know How to Do
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