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Keiko Zoll is a writer, foodie, all-around geek and new mom to baby Judah, born May 2013. Married to her high school sweetheart, Larry, Keiko lives in the greater Boston area with her two adorable cats. She writes at Team Zoll, her personal blog about parenting, food and life's zany adventures and is the founder of The Infertility Voice, an online empowerment resource for those living with infertility. Keiko also nerds it up at Words Empowered, her social media and web design consultancy. When she's not writing into the wee hours of the morning or Instagraming a million pictures of her son, you can find her all over the social web, geeking out on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Everything Winnie the Pooh for Your Little Hunny Now at Disney Baby!

I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Winnie the Pooh. There’s just something about that silly ol’ bear that I’ve always loved, even as a kid. And of course, I’ve got a soft spot for poor old Eeyore and it’s so sweet to see how much Judah loves Eeyore, too!

Winnie the Pooh is such a great character for your little one: a perfect gender-neutral theme, sweet springtime colors and woodland scenes, adorable characters and everything there is to love about the magic and imagination of childhood. Now, you can find Everything Winnie the Pooh for your little one in one convenient place right here at Disney Baby!

Everything Winnie the Pooh

Look Who's on the Move!

For months now, we’ve been playing the careful wishing game of hoping Judah will crawl soon. On one hand, we couldn’t wait for Judah to meet his next biggest developmental milestone; on the other, we know it’s a whole new ballgame once our little guy becomes mobile. After weeks of watching, coaxing and a little luck, we can’t take our eyes off Judah for a second now that he’s finally figured out how to crawl!

The Newest Seat at Our Passover Table

Passover is my favorite holiday of the entire year: a gorgeous meal with friends and family as we elaborately retell a thousands-year old story around the table. Some of my favorite holiday foods make their only appearance during year only at the seder table. Passover starts in just over a week and we’re already busy making preparations. Every year since we moved to Massachusetts, we’ve hosted a big seder for our local friends.

This year, our Passover celebration takes on an extra level of joy as we welcome the newest member of our family to the seder table: our son, Judah. It’s one of those magical moments for which my husband and I have been waiting a long time.

Why Yes, Our Baby Falls Asleep to Opera!

Now that I’ve fully weaned Judah, we’ve had to make some adjustments to baby’s bedtime and naptime routines. And we’ve stumbled onto a lullaby failsafe that works every single time we need to get Judah to sleep. And yes: it’s opera, of all things! Judah is, in many ways, his own little Renaissance Man. He comes from a diverse cultural background. He’s his own budding foodie.

So really, why should his taste in music be any different?

Classically Cute Fashion with Classic Pooh!

April’s here which means springtime is abuzz! Time to break out the short sleeves, the rompers, the pretty little Easter and Passover dresses… all of which you can find in this Classic Winnie the Pooh Collection for baby at Disney Store! From soft woven fabrics to classically cute touches like checks, character appliques, bows and buttons, your little one will look just as sweet as “hunny” in my roundup of favorites Disney Store’s Classic Winnie the Pooh fashion collection for babies!

Click on through for all my sweet Classic Pooh fashion picks!

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