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A Virtual Family Dinner!

Even though Judah’s grandparents and aunts live three states and five hours away, we’re fortunate that we can connect with our family with video chat. We’ve been video chatting with our family almost as soon as we got back home with Judah after he was born. Last night was no exception for our Rosh HaShanah dinner, allowing Judah to have a “virtual” holiday dinner with his Nana and Pop Pop!

Are we a bit of a geeky family? You bet!

Our Secret to a Well-Behaved Toddler When Dining Out

Anytime we go out to eat, friends, family, waiters, and even complete strangers will turn to us and say, “He’s so good!” gesturing to our 16-month-old. Sometimes I think a well-behaved toddler in a restaurant must be a rare thing indeed given the amount of times we hear this compliment given to us!

There’s really only one thing we do that has basically ensured that Judah will not only behave well, but enjoy himself at the same time. Here’s our secret to his fabulous behavior.

Learning to Love the Mess

Toddlers and messes go hand in hand. It’s simply a part of life as a toddler! I could spend every waking minute chasing after Judah with a baby wipe in hand… Or, I could take a far more Zen approach to toddler messes.

Dare I say it: I’ve even learned how to love the mess.

Learning to Love the Mess

The Hardest Part About Parenting

Parenting is hard work! There’s just no other way to say it. It’s the kind of work that can leave you completely exhausted and wiped out at the end of a long day – and then seeing your little one flash you a smile, blow you a kiss, or do something positively adorable that makes every second of all that hard work worth it.

All the messes, the tantrums, the diaper blowouts… these are nothing compared to what I think is the hardest part about parenting of all. The answer is in this picture below.

The Hardest Part About Parenting

How We're Teaching Our Toddler to Walk

Judah is 16 months old. He can sing along with songs, he can clap on rhythm, and he speaks over fifty words. The only thing he can’t do yet? Walk. Judah is so close: he cruises, he crawls, and a few times now, he’s even let go and stayed standing for thirty seconds. It’s those first steps that continue to elude him. Our doctor isn’t worried and truthfully, neither are we. Some toddlers just take their own time to learn how to walk.

That doesn’t mean we’re aren’t encouraging our son to take his first steps. Here are five ways we’re helping Judah learn how to walk!

How We're Teaching Our Toddler to Walk
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