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Keiko Zoll is a writer, designer, advocate, geek and all-around sassypants, blogging about parenting, geek chic, and living an inspired life at Good Strong Words. She's mom to Judah and wife to high school sweetheart, Larry (collectively known as Team Zoll). Keiko is also the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Infertility Voice. She is best known for her lullabies, Sunday morning pancakes, Instagram-ing way too many photos of food, and obsession with mason jars.Follow Keiko's adventures on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

Make Amazing Family Videos with Hyperlapse

Hyperlapse is here… have you tried it yet? Hyperlapse allows you to create gorgeous time lapse videos with a cinematic feel. This free iPhone app from the makers of Instagram is probably my new favorite app as a mom with a toddler on the move! I love creating little videos of Judah moving and grooving; it’s such a neat way to capture so many of the magical moments of him growing up. Now, with Hyperlapse, I can create videos of our family adventures in a whole new way and I have to admit – I’m hooked!

Take a look for yourself how you can capture the magic of a day in the life of your little one with Hyperlapse!

Why I Sing to My Toddler Every Day

In another parallel universe somewhere, I was an opera singer: I originally went to college for music education and vocal performance. Now, I’m a writer and mom and after a 10-year hiatus, I’m finally singing again. For me, music isn’t just a hobby: It’s always been something that’s a part of my life and who I am.

So it’s only natural that I would sing to my son, Judah — as I have every day since the day he was born.

5 Sanity-Saving Tips for When Your Toddler Throws Food

As Judah comes more into his own as an independent toddler, one of the most challenging things we have encountered recently is his new-found defiance at mealtimes. Judah’s just beginning to enter the “picky eater” phase and combined with his developing taste preferences, he’s also learning to test the limits of Mom and Dad. And test he does, by throwing food onto the floor — often looking right at us when he does it!

Here are my five tips on how we’re making mealtimes more manageable while saving ourselves from having to mop the floor after every meal.

Toddler Throwing Food

HUGE Sale: Huggies Now 25% Off at!

That’s right, you read that correctly: Huggies is on sale for a whopping 25% off at now through September 14th! There’s no time like right now to stock up and save on all your diaper essentials for baby. Click on through to see all the great Huggies products – it’s more than just diapers you can save on – that are on sale for 25% off, plus your special coupon code.

(And don’t forget, it’s National Diaper Need Awareness Week, so it’s a perfect time to donate your Huggies Rewards to help provide diapers for families in need!)

Huggies 25% Off Coupon Code

National Diaper Need Awareness Week: How You Can Help!

National Diaper Need Awareness Week is from September 8th through the 14th. Diaper need is real and distressing for as many as 1 in 3 moms in the United States who suffer from diaper need. For moms with diaper need, it’s more distressing than not having enough food to feed their families. This Diaper Need Awareness Week, our friends at Huggies are helping reduce diaper need in the United States. For every use of #DiaperNeed on Twitter from 9/8 – 9/14, Huggies will donate a day’s worth of diapers to a baby in need through the National Diaper Bank Network.

Here are three ways YOU can make a difference for moms with diaper need this Diaper Need Awareness Week!

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