Kristel Acevedo

Kristel Acevedo is married to Alex and mama to Liam and Isabel. They live in Miami, FL where she spends her days wrangling two toddlers and writing during nap time. She loves the ocean, cheeseburgers, and classic rock. Glowing Light is her personal blog where she writes about faith, family, and fun. You can also connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Inspiring Latina Moms: Maria

Last month we featured our first inspiring Latina mom. The purpose of this monthly feature is to spread the mama love. There is too much mom shaming going on and we need to uplift and encourage each other more. That’s why I want to feature an inspiring Latina mom every month. We want these moms to know that they are loved and appreciated. We see what they’re doing and we want to acknowledge it. 

Cooking with Abuelita: Tres Leches

When my grandmother first moved to Miami from Nicaragua, she began working in a bakery making tres leches. This dessert is famous in this town. All the Latinos love it. Tres leches means “three milks” in Spanish, and it is made of condensed milk, evaporated milk, and cream. This is by far my favorite dessert. The cake is light and airy, while the different milks saturate it, making it incredibly moist and sweet.

Since my grandmother is the tres leches expert in the family, I don’t even dare making this cake without her. There’s just a special touch she puts in it that makes it even more delicious. Liam has a sweet tooth like his mama, and he loves this cake as well.

Click through for the recipe. 

Conectando con mi bebé

Antes de ser madre pensaba que yo iba a conectar con mi bebé instantáneamente, desde el momento de la concepción. Estaba segura de que habría un sentimiento mágico que solamente mi hijo y yo compartiríamos. Esperaba con ansias su nacimiento porque simplemente sabía que nosotros tendríamos este maravilloso lazo, sin necesidad de palabras.

Bueno, estaba equivocada.

Bonding with Baby Can Take Time

Before I became a mom, I thought that I would instantly bond with my baby from the moment of conception. I thought for sure there would be some magical feelings that would be felt only by me and my baby. I anticipated his birth because I just knew that we would have this amazing unspoken bond.

Well, I was wrong.

Celebrando el Mes de la Hispanidad

Octubre es el Mes de la Hispanidad. Mientras crecía en Miami, no creo haber tenido plena conciencia de mi herencia Hispana. Todo mundo en esta ciudad es de otra parte. Probablemente tengo un amigo o amiga procedente de cada país de Latinoamérica. El español se habla en todas partes. Se pueden comer platillos de cualquier país de habla Hispana que uno se puedan imaginar. Me parece que nunca supe que tan especial y único es ser de otro país.

Luego, mi esposo y yo nos movimos a Carolina del Norte. Fue interesante ser una minoría. Empecé a comprender que era muy importante conservar viva nuestra cultura. Ahora que tenemos hijos es todavía más importante pasarles nuestras tradiciones.

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