Kelly Bryant 

Kelly Bryant is a Los Angeles based writer who focuses on parenting, entertainment, and beauty. Her work has appeared on such websites as BabyZone, Stylelist, and AOL Music and in magazines like Fit Pregnancy, Glamour, and Teen. Proud mommy to a toddler, Ben, and a newborn, Ethan, Kelly spends much of her day pretending to be Rocket from Little Einsteins and cleaning up spit up…and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Of course a little quiet time and regular showers would be greatly appreciated.

10 Too-Cute Toddler Moments

Sure, toddlers can be tough. But they can also be the sweetest, warmest, most loveable creatures on the planet. Adoring moms reveal the tender times that make them want to give their toddlers a great big bear hug.

Inside the Diaper Bag: Secret Weapons

It may be called a diaper bag, but that giant accessory you tote around holds much more than a quick change for your baby. We asked moms to give us a peek inside of their diaper bags. Here’s what they can’t live without.

Have Baby, Will Travel: Real Mom Tips

Planes, trains and automobiles are a great way for baby to see the world. But sometimes a little trip can cause a lot of stress. We asked 10 moms to weigh in with their best traveling tips to help you get your little one from point A to point B with as few tears as possible.

Mom-Tested Bedtime Tips

After a long, busy day with your baby, there’s nothing like capping things off with a sweet bedtime routine. Here, moms who’ve been there share the sleepytime rituals that really work for them.

My First Art Project: Unleash Your Toddler’s Inner Artist

Art projects are a fun way to allow your child to express him or herself, and it’s really never too early to get started. These moms were more than happy to show off the masterpieces crafted by their tiny artists. Take a look and find a project you’d like to try with your little one. Get the list of supplies you’ll need for each project in this checklist.

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