Kelly Bryant 

Kelly Bryant is a Los Angeles based writer who focuses on parenting, entertainment, and beauty. Her work has appeared on such websites as BabyZone, Stylelist, and AOL Music and in magazines like Fit Pregnancy, Glamour, and Teen. Proud mommy to a toddler, Ben, and a newborn, Ethan, Kelly spends much of her day pretending to be Rocket from Little Einsteins and cleaning up spit up…and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Of course a little quiet time and regular showers would be greatly appreciated.

Game On: Best Baby Shower Games

Let’s be honest…there are a lot of shower games out there that are, well, a bit tired. Ditch those not-so-fun diversions and suggest a couple of these games recommended by real moms and experienced shower-goers! And don’t forget to check out these baby shower games over at our sister site,

Expectant Mom Opening Gifts

Oh, Stuff and Fluff: Moms' Favorite Baby Gear

Anyone who has ever tried to compile a baby registry knows how much gear there is out there for little ones. We asked moms to share the stuff that’s been invaluable to them to help you weed out the gems from the junk.

Mom and Baby on a Glider

Hospital Bag Necessities

Don’t leave home without…! Moms who have recently given birth share their hospital bag must-haves, and the stuff they wish they’d thought of, to help you pack smart.

Baby Getting Foot Imprinted

Swaddling 101

Swaddling can be an incredibly effective way to keep baby cozy and calm while he or she sleeps. Follow these step-by-step instructions, followed by a few extra tips, for swaddling success!

Mom Swaddling Newborn
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