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Krishann Briscoe is a child welfare professional turned freelancer with a background in child and adolescent development and social work. In addition to authoring her personal blog His Mrs. Her Mr., Krishann is a Contributor for Disney’s Babble. Krishann resides in Southern California with her husband and their two daughters. Read more from Krishann on her blog, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

“Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo”: 10 Little Things I’d Wish for If I Had a Fairy Godmother

As a child, my friends and I often talked about the things we would wish for in the event we were ever granted a few wishes by way of a genie or a fairy. Cinderella was quite fortunate to have Fairy Godmother. She worked magic on Cinderella’s behalf. I don’t have a godmother, let alone a fairy godmother, but if I did, here are a few things that I’d wish for:

Grasping on to the Final Moments of This Season

This week my oldest returned to school. It’s a marker for me – a clear indicator that summer as we know it is almost over.
As the final weeks of summer slip away I find myself grasping on to whatever is left of it. An ice cream date after school. An evening trip to the park, a bowl filled with berries, bubbles and sandals.

I’m not ready to say goodbye. Even when it’s so hot it feels unbearable there’s something magnificent about the summer season.

As my littlest inches closer to her second birthday I find myself grasping onto whatever is left of babyhood the same way I’m grasping on to what remains of summer. I know she’s a toddler and yet there are still glimmers of a baby in there. Even when motherhood feels challenging and I feel unequipped there’s still something magnificent about this season too. Again, I’m not ready to say goodbye.

12 Signs It Was Time for Our Toddler to Stop Using a Pacifier

Several weeks ago, I took my girls in for their dental exam. During Lola’s exam, we discussed her “binky” (pacifier) usage, and it was recommended that we start weaning her off of it. In my head, I knew that this was something we needed to do, but in my heart, I questioned how I could. Lola is a binky baby all the way, and a part of me hates to take it away, knowing that it comforts her. A part of me is also aware that doing so won’t be easy, given her love affair with the pacifier.

And sure, I realize that motherhood isn’t about being easy. Challenges, big and small, are a reality — but they’re even more of a reality when I’ve got an irritable toddler on my hands, or I’m sleep deprived because she couldn’t sleep either. Still, I want to do what’s best for my little one, and I know helping her find an alternative way to self-soothe is it.

Aside from the dentist’s recommendation, there were also a few other indicators that it was time for us to say goodbye to the pacifier. Here are 12 of them.

10 Ways to Make Summer Magical on a Budget

We’ve been enjoying our summer days over here. Some days we’ve opted to stay indoors in an attempt to escape the heat. Other days we’ve bravely ventured beyond our front door in an effort to enjoy the California sunshine. This summer we haven’t done any traveling, choosing to go on a few “local adventures” instead. Between a part-time summer program for our oldest and moving, we decided that we would save up for some family goals and plan for our daughters’ upcoming birthdays in August and in September.

With a toddler and big kid in tow we’ve still managed to make summer feel pretty magical even on a budget. We’ve shared small moments that made for some big memories. Summer will be over soon but there’s still time to partake in some family fun without “breaking the bank.” Here are 10 ways to make summer feel magical on a budget:

23 Things My 23-Month-Old Loves

Month 23 has sort of felt golden. Although I’ve already come to terms with the idea of having a toddler, this month feels like the last month she’ll be a baby. Each day she wants to snuggle with me or says “I hold you” (her way of asking to be picked up) I feel a sense of relief and gratitude. It feels as if I’ve been given one more day to enjoy this beautiful journey through babyhood. My heart aches knowing my baby girl is growing up taking leaps and bounds towards being a big kid. In reality I know we still have a ways to go and yet it still feels so close.

At 23-months-old here are some of the things that Lola loves:

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