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Krishann Briscoe is a child welfare professional turned freelancer with a background in child and adolescent development and social work. In addition to authoring her personal blog His Mrs. Her Mr., Krishann is a Contributor for Disney’s Babble. Krishann resides in Southern California with her husband and their two daughters. Read more from Krishann on her blog, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Summer's Must Have Item: Disney Baby Wet Bags from Bumkins

What I’ve found with regards to summer adventures is that they tend to be the messiest (and perhaps most memorable) of all seasons. So far our days have been filled with splash pads, sandy toes, frozen yogurt and watermelon. And, we’re just getting started!

When it comes to having fun on the go I’ve learned that there are certain items that make navigating our time away from home a lot easier. As we make our way through our summer wish list I’m learning that perhaps it is time to add a few more items to that list of essentials. One item I’m currently considering is a wet bag. It’s a nice and eco friendly alternative to plastic bags and is the perfect place to put wet clothes or shoes while keeping the rest of your diaper bag or purse clean. The best part is that they are washable which means they can be used again and again. Here are a few from the collection from Bumkins:

The Most Important Meal of the Day (It's Not What You Think)

It’s long been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. From a nutritional standpoint I completely understand. However, when it comes to feeding my soul the greatest value lies in dinnertime.

What Losing My Toddler's Shoe Taught Me

The day before yesterday was one of “those” days. It was long and hard and as it came to an end I rocked my cranky toddler in my arms feeling relieved. After spending so much of the day just trying to get through finally we were able to just be.

The day was one filled with summer program drop off, errand running and toddler wrangling, a doctor appointment and various family affairs.

It was also the day we lost a shoe. By the time we made it to our last stop I decided to carry Lola rather than place her in the shopping cart. My hope was that this would prevent me from filling my cart up with items masked as needs only to cringe when it came time to swipe my card (can you guess what store we went to? It was our second Target run that day too.).

At one point I put her down to grab an item that was stacked. I needed two hands to get that yellow sand pail. And then it caught my eye. A sock. Lola was only wearing one shoe.

"Sit Here, Mommy": Thoughts on Being Mindful as Parents

This week, my littlest and I went to the park, just the two of us. We’ve been going more often and it has been fun to watch her confidence increase with each visit. Throughout our time there, she would have moments where she would stop playing. She would look at me and pat the toddler-sized bench, stair or the curb of the path and say, “Sit here, Mommy.” If I didn’t move quickly, she would continue, “Mommy. Mommy. Sit heeere.” And then I would sit. Sometimes across from her. Sometimes beside her. And we would talk. Occasionally I would ask her questions. She would move her hands directing a conversation filled with words. I couldn’t make them all out and yet the two of us would converse engaging in an animated and beautiful dialogue.

“Sit here, Mommy.” Her words were music to my heart. I couldn’t help but smile each time I heard them. This mama’s prayer is that as she grows she will continue to invite me to sit by her side.

Adventures with Lola: Making a Splash!

A few weeks ago, we learned that a splash pad had opened up at a park not too far from where we lived. From the moment we became aware of its existence, my oldest daughter and I knew we had to plan a mini adventure. So one especially warm day, my girls put on their swimsuits and water shoes, and we made our way to the park. Here are a few iPhone photos from our splash pad adventure!

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