Jen Lula

Jen is a former high school art teacher turned SAHM, who runs the lifestyle blog Jen loves her husband Kev, her daughter Rowan, and all that life has to offer. Jen and Kev are expecting the arrival of their second daughter this New Year's Eve. She loves to blog about all her daily adventures as she tries to navigate this crazy life called parenthood. Read more of Jen's writing on her blog, and connect with her on Twitter and Facebook!

Let's Eat!

Some of my favorite kind of baby pictures are the ones where they are eating. They crack me up! Babies always seem to make the funniest faces when they are trying to eat. It warms my heart when you get to experience a new milestone with your little one. Watching them try new foods and tastes is really an exciting thing to witness as a parent. Here are a few of my favorite pictures of my daughter Rowan learning how to eat solids…

The Cutest Baby Shoes Around

I don’t know what it is about the Fall and Winter months, but they make me want to expand my shoe closet! The same goes for my daughter’s shoes too. I just love having extra choices in the cooler months for her. There are so many holiday parties and family gatherings going on and I love dressing her up for them. Here are some super adorable shoes for the little man or sweet little girl in your life this holiday season…

My Daughter's Dream Outfit

As my daughter gets a little bit older, she is starting to be very opinionated as to what she wears each day. She LOVES Minnie Mouse and anything that seems princess-like with sparkles. I am pretty sure this would be her dream outfit! Even as I was typing this blog post, she kept looking over my shoulder saying “Oooh, I want that” about all the pictures. Do I know her or what?

Now and Then...

There are a few treasures in our house that I hold a little closer to my heart than others. One of those is a picture frame with 2 very special pictures in it.

Baby Food Recipe: Carrot Hummus!

When my daughter was little, I loved making all of our own baby food. It is so simple and you can make the best combinations. Here is a recipe for Carrot Hummus that I started making back when she was a baby that I still make for her 2 years later.  It is super easy to make and a good food to let them explore self eating. It sticks to the spoon, so it doesn’t instantly fall off as soon as they fling it around.

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