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Janssen lives in North Carolina with her husband and their two little girls. A former librarian, she is an obsessive reader, especially of picture books, young adult novels, and adult non-fiction. She also loves food in any form, whether it’s trying a new restaurant or making dinner at home with her little sidekicks. Her lifestyle blog, Everyday Reading, features daily style, book recommendations, and her family's favorite recipes. You can also find Janssen on Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

Four Charming Disney Princess Bodysuits

I don’t think I fully appreciated how CUTE a child in costume was until I had children of my own.

Now, it delights me whenever I see a child dressed up in public – you can tell they just LOVE their Buzz Lightyear wings or that Rapunzel wig, and they want everyone to see it.

These cute bodysuits mean the dressing up can start young; they’re easy to wear, soft and comfortable, plus they feature the “grow-an-inch” snaps which means they can wear them for even longer.

Snow White Costume Bodysuit

8 Fun Ways to Reuse a Wipe Container

If your house is anything like mine, you have more than a few wipe containers floating around.

It seems like a waste to throw them out when they have that convenient top that opens and shuts, plus they are nice and sturdy.

Here are eight great ways to give them a new life!

Earring Travel Case

Baby Names Inspired by Book Characters

As an avid reader and a former librarian, there’s nothing I like more than characters in books.

It will come as no surprise that I would have happily named all my children after my literary favorites.

In the end, neither of my girls got their names from a book, but it hasn’t stopped me from making lists of my favorite names for girls and boys from the books I’ve loved both as a child and as an adult.


Go Green! 10 Festive Items to Wear for St. Patrick's Day

St Patrick’s Day is around the corner, and no one wants to pinch a baby, so these items will keep your little one covered from head to toe in green.

And not only do they prevent unwanted pinching, they are just too cute!

Tinker Bell Baby Shoes

12 Gorgeous Black Nurseries

When I think of colors to decorate a baby nursery with, black isn’t the first one that comes to mind.

But then I stumbled on a few beautiful nurseries that used black, either in large doses or small details, and I was completely smitten.

They are absolutely gorgeous, great for boys or girls, and perfect for your baby to grow into.

Dark walls
Rocket Fuel