Janssen Bradshaw

Janssen lives in North Carolina with her husband and their two little girls. A former librarian, she is an obsessive reader, especially of picture books, young adult novels, and adult non-fiction. She also loves food in any form, whether it’s trying a new restaurant or making dinner at home with her little sidekicks. Her lifestyle blog, Everyday Reading, features daily style, book recommendations, and her family's favorite recipes. You can also find Janssen on Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

That Magical Moment

From the moment I found out I was having a second daughter, more than two years ago, I’ve dreamed of my little girls playing together.

I grew up with two younger sisters, and I have years of happy memories playing kickball in the backyard, playing paper dolls for hours on Saturday mornings, and pretending to go to gymnastic camp (thank heavens we didn’t have a dining table for years, so we could cartwheel across the dining room to our hearts’ content).

I couldn’t wait for my girls to have similar experiences.


Not Finding Out the Gender? Here's the Perfect Nursery

Whether you aren’t finding out the gender of your baby before they are born or you want something that will work for a baby of the opposite sex later down the road, you can’t go wrong decorating the nursery with this cute Dumbo set!

Dumbo Bedding

A Toddler's Tour of Park Swings All Over Europe

In August, our family left the United States for four months to visit countries around Europe and then spend three months in London while my husband does a semester abroad (you can follow along on Instagram, if you’d like!).

Of course, when you’re traveling all around Europe with a 21-month-old child (plus a 4-year-old), you end up visiting a lot of parks. And whether we’re in the US or somewhere more exotic, my girls always gravitate toward the swings.

Over the last two months, I’ve collected quite a compilation of pictures of my little girl on swings around Europe!

Swing Lover

8 Easy DIY Halloween Headbands and Hair Clips

There’s just about nothing cuter than a little baby or toddler with a festive headband or hair clips. These easy and quick DIY ones are perfect for the Halloween season.

Whip one of them up in about 15 minutes or less! Or pick a couple – you still have a couple of weeks for your little one to wear it.

Witch Headband

How I Know I Love My Children

Parents talk a lot about how much they love their children and how they just feel these overwhelming emotions about being a mom or dad that are hard to put into words.

But sometimes, something happens and I think, “THIS is tangible proof I love my child, because I would never do this for someone I didn’t have really strong affection for.”

I Know I Love My Kids

I Know I Love My Kids
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