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Janssen lives in North Carolina with her husband and their two little girls. A former librarian, she is an obsessive reader, especially of picture books, young adult novels, and adult non-fiction. She also loves food in any form, whether it’s trying a new restaurant or making dinner at home with her little sidekicks. Her lifestyle blog, Everyday Reading, features daily style, book recommendations, and her family's favorite recipes. You can also find Janssen on Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

4 Ways I Know Ani is a Second Child

One of the fun things about having a second child is watching how they react to their place in the family line-up.

Sometimes I look at Ani and I think, “You are such a second child!”

Second Child

Here are a few things I notice about her that seem to be a result of her being the little sister:

Second Child

5 Pieces of Advice About Baby Gear

I remember when I was pregnant with my first daughter and a friend of mine who was also expecting her first mentioned on Facebook that she’d made an enormous spreadsheet comparing every brand and type of stroller with reviews, prices, and features.

Suddenly, I felt terribly panicked that I hadn’t spent hours researching the perfect stroller. My husband and I had found a smoking deal on a travel system stroller (one of those sets that comes with a carseat, a carseat base, and a stroller that the carseat can snap into) and had gone ahead and purchased it without spending any mental energy worrying about it.

Baby Gear

Since then, I’ve realized how stressful the whole baby gear purchase process can be for new parents. There are so many options, and so many opinions on everything, from bigger items like cribs, strollers, and carseats, down to the tiniest items like baby shoes and hair bows. It can feel utterly paralyzing to make a decision on any of them.

If you’re an expecting mama looking at all the options available to you, here are five things to keep in mind and hopefully help you feel more excited about these fun purchases rather than overwhelmed and intimidated.

(And that stroller system we bought? Worked perfectly for us for two babies in a row!)

Baby Gear

5 Things I'm Good at As a Mama

A few weeks ago, one of my friends mentioned a struggle she was having with one of her babies and said she said to herself, “What am I GOOD at as a mother?”

I loved this and since it’s so easy to get bogged down by mommy guilt, I’ve tried to keep track of some of the things I’m good at as a parent.

What I'm good at as a mom

And I love that every parent’s list would look a little different – there are so many ways to be a terrific parent!

Here are a few parenting things I’m good at:

What I'm good at as a mom

A Day in the Life in London with Two Little Ones

We’ve spend the last three months living in central London while my husband did a semester abroad here as part of his MBA program.

Previously, we’ve always lived in the suburbs, so this is a different kind of life for us right now. We’ve traded in the car for a pretty serious stroller and our four bedroom home for a tiny two-bedroom flat. Instead of driving to the grocery store, we walk. And around every corner is a public park or free museum. It’s definitely been a fun change for a few months.

Here’s what one of our weekdays looked like last week:

7:30 a.m.

8 Things I Didn't Know with My First Baby

The thing about a first baby is that you’re also a first-time parent.

Now that I’m expecting my third baby, I can look back at those early days with my first baby and realize what things I had no idea about when I brought that sweet baby home from the hospital.

First Baby

First Baby
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