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Emily Elling lives in Indianapolis, and has been married to her husband for over 10 years. She's a full-time stay at home mom to four unintentionally hilarious children, Piper (8), Nola (5), Gage (3), and baby Paul, born January 2012. She blogs daily at her personal site, DesignHER Momma. Before becoming a mom, Emily was a corporate interior designer at a big & fancy architectural firm. She still dabbles in interior design when she can, but has found her true passion in social media and the mom blogging community. When Emily isn’t hanging out on the internet, she loves to cook real food, read long books and run short distances. Her motto: shorten your to-do list, you’ll be happier. Find more Emily on her blog, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Google+.

5 Reasons I'm Glad He's Walking, Now That It's Summer

Baby Paul started walking about a month or so ago, right around his 15 month birth date. And over the course of the past couple months, I’ve found myself cheering him on to get off those knees and become a walker, for reasons I’ve never considered in the past, primarily dictated by the weather and time of year.

I’ve never had a crawler during the early summertime months, and while you wouldn’t think it was much different than raising a crawler through the dead of winter, summertime crawling really has come with some obstacles.

But baby Paul’s on his two little feet now, and I couldn’t be more pumped.

5 reasons I’m excited he’s walking, now that it’s almost summer:

Fork Testing: Is He a Lefty or a Righty?

My mom was left-handed up until the age of six, where at that point her first grade teacher forbade her from writing with he left hand, and instead force her to use her right. Apparently in the 1960′s if you weren’t right, you were wrong.

I’m one of four sisters, and out of the bunch of us, I’m the only left-handed one. My husband comes from a family of 5 kids, all of which are right-handed.

And even though it’s a righty-right world (roughly 12% of men and 10% of women are left-handed), I’ve secretly hoped that one of my children would be left-handed just like me. Why? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe so I would have someone to sit next to at the dinner table that I didn’t knock elbows with.

So far, I’ve struck out 3 times. I have four kids, and I’m fairly certain the three older ones are right-handed. But baby Paul? The verdict is still out on him. (please be lefty, please be a lefty, please be a lefty…)

Super Simple: Make Your Own Fresh Fruit Finger Jello

Ever since my mom made a batch of jello for our 4th of July party last summer, my kids have been obsessed with making and eating jello for snacks and after dinner dessert. And I get it, I truly do. It bounces, it jiggles, and it’s fun to play. Oh, and it’s super sweet to eat.

So I thought to myself, what if there was a way to make a batch of this yummy goodness that was both simple and a bit more nutritious than the conventional box method of preparation? Jello that my little ones loved to eat, and I didn’t mind serving up because it was packed with fresh fruit.

It took me a couple batches to play around with perfect, but I think we have a winner.

Fresh Fruit Finger Jello:

Dancing to the Beat with the Disney Junior MICKEY MOUSE Clubhouse Album

Ever get a specific song stuck in your head? One that you wake up singing, hum throughout the whole day, and then tuck your kids in bed while watching them do the motions because they’ve listened to you singing it all day?

Yes, a song with motions. That I sing all day.

Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog!

Now we got ears, it’s time for cheers…

If those lyrics resonate with you like they do with me, I’m guessing you too might know the awesome words to one of our favorite songs from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show, Hot Dog!

The Great Baby Gear Purge of 2013

Have you ever started a small project around the house and then the next thing you know you’ve opened a gigantic can of worms? Like all you wanted to do was a little vacuuming in the living room and suddenly you’ve spent the bulk of the day shampooing all the carpeted areas in your four-story home? (I’m looking at you, my dear husband.)

Well, what was going to be a quick little tidy-up of baby Paul’s nursery somehow turned into The Great Baby Gear Purge of 2013. All I was going to do was organize his books, and the next thing you know my entire entryway was filled with no-longer-played-with toys.

You see, baby Paul is our last child. So when he’s done with an item, it’s outta here!

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