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Emily Elling lives in Indianapolis, and has been married to her husband for over 10 years. She's a full-time stay at home mom to four unintentionally hilarious children, Piper (8), Nola (5), Gage (3), and baby Paul, born January 2012. She blogs daily at her personal site, DesignHER Momma. Before becoming a mom, Emily was a corporate interior designer at a big & fancy architectural firm. She still dabbles in interior design when she can, but has found her true passion in social media and the mom blogging community. When Emily isn’t hanging out on the internet, she loves to cook real food, read long books and run short distances. Her motto: shorten your to-do list, you’ll be happier. Find more Emily on her blog, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Google+.

Spotted: 10 Everyday "Dad Thing" Moments

Watching my husband interact and care for our babies over the past couple years has been one of the most magical parts of my life. And it’s witnessing those small everyday nothing in particular moments that I fall in love with him all over again.

His laid-back and kind spirit are the glue that holds our family together, especially during those hectic days frantically trying to parent four little kids. He can calm a fussy baby like a boss, and follow it up with a light saber fight to end all fights. His skill are immeasurable, and on this Father’s Day weekend, we celebrate his awesomeness.

10 everyday magical moments doing his “Dad Thing”:

The Adventures of Bossyfinger Boy

A few weeks ago, baby Paul developed what we’re lovingly referring to as a “bossyfinger”. In fact, he uses his bossyfinger as one of his primary forms of communication. With force and meaning, it always gets the message across loud and clear. Bossy needs something, STAT. And bossyfinger will point you in the right direction.

To get a clear picture of bossyfinger, you need to envision bossyfinger being accompanied by a grunt or a yell. Possibly even a couple head nods and elbow flexes. It’s effective, and it’s hilarious.

These days, baby Paul’s new name is Bossy, and Bossy will boss you around.

15 Adventures of Bossyfinger Boy:

Paul's First Haircut: The Backyard Edition

Out of all my kids, baby Paul was born with the most hair, which isn’t really saying a lot considering my others three kids were born basically bald and stayed that way until their second birthday. But nevertheless, Paul’s head of hair at birth was the darkest and thickest of my bunch.

But it didn’t take long until most of it fell out, and slowly but surely came back in thinner and lighter, just like the others. Paul’s now almost 17 months old, and just a couple days ago we decided it was time to clean things up a bit around his ears. You know the saying “business in the front, party in the back”? Yeah, baby Paul was rocking the party in the front and the party in the back. It was long all over, and in desperate need of some TLC.

So it was time. Time for baby Paul’s first trip to the backyard salon. We dug out our $9 barber shears from the drugstore and asked our best beauty school drop-out babysitter if she would do the cutting honors.

Paul’s First Haircut, via the backyard salon:

12 Free Father's Day Printables

Ever since my husband became a father, he’s dubbed June as “his month.” In his defense, we do get to celebrate him twice in just a few days, having his birthday and Father’s Day a mere few days apart.

So we buy him a few gifts, and we make his favorite foods (nachos!). And of course we always throw in a few handmade crafts. Free printables are simply the best way to inexpensively (and quickly) give dad a custom gift he will cherish from the little ones. We love them and they are our go-to source for Father’s Day inspiration.

I’ve rounded up a few of our favorites, and hope they inspire you to make your Father’s Day the best day ever!

12 Free Father’s Day Printables:

12 Personalized Father's Day Gifts Just for Him

Personalized Father’s Day gifts have always been a hit with not only my husband, but my father and grandfather as well. I think there’s an extra-special feeling knowing that it was a gift especially created just for them and them alone.

So with Father’s Day rapidly approaching, don’t dilly-dally too much longer. Order dad that custom gift you know he’s dying to receive.

12 personalized gifts for dad:

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