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Juggling an active Internet career with writing, speaking, designing, and styling, Erin Loechner can be found daily at, a one-stop resource for loads of pint-sized inspiration, the latest-and-greatest products, and a daily dose of mom-friendly design. She also pens, an art/design website honored by The London Times as one of the top 50 design sites in the world. Her latest project? A newborn daughter nicknamed Bee -- her favorite design yet. Erin lives in the midwest with her film-editing husband, Ken, two adorable pups, and of course, little Bee. Follow Erin on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest.

The Road to Adoption: Our First Curveball

This is part of our ongoing adoption story; read last week’s post right here!

As soon as we decided to proactively pursue international adoption for our family, we knew Kenya was at the top of our list. After all, Kenya was the place Ken visited when he felt the pull to adopt; the first country in Africa he truly fell in love with…

The Road to Adoption: A Series

As I mentioned in this post, my husband and I are in the early stages of pursuing adoption. And because adoption is a whirlwind of emotion and a tornado of paperwork, I’m preparing to blog honestly about our experience – the goods, the bads, the struggles and the celebrations. If you’re at all interested in adoption – either international or domestic – please follow along!

Top 10 Things My Parents Taught Me About Parenting

Everything I know about parenting I learned from my parents. Reflecting on my own childhood, I realize how hard my parents worked to instill their beliefs and passions into the lives of myself and my sisters, from budgeting to creativity and everything between. Naturally, I find myself passing along these same pieces of wisdom to my own daughter, whether intentionally or not. After all, the apple never truly falls far from the tree…

Introducing Minnie Mouse Coral Flowers Essentials

One of my best girlfriends just had her baby Alice this week – a rosy-cheeked, button-nosed little girl who’s sweet, cuddly, and perfectly good-natured. And as soon as we saw a sneak peek of Alice from the hospital, my mind instantly returned to the roller coaster of emotions I experienced with my first baby, Bee. She arrived early, like Alice, and I remember racing around between contractions, fluffing the nest I’d been creating for the past nine months. And looking back, I realize she truly only needed three things…

minnie mouse coral flowers collection

Our Getaway Tips & Tricks

I mentioned last week that Ken and I managed to sneak away for a quick kid-free getaway last week, and today I thought it would be fun to share a few tips and tricks that helped ease the process with Bee:

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