Erin Loechner

Juggling an active Internet career with writing, speaking, designing, and styling, Erin Loechner can be found daily at, a one-stop resource for loads of pint-sized inspiration, the latest-and-greatest products, and a daily dose of mom-friendly design. She also pens, an art/design website honored by The London Times as one of the top 50 design sites in the world. Her latest project? A newborn daughter nicknamed Bee -- her favorite design yet. Erin lives in the midwest with her film-editing husband, Ken, two adorable pups, and of course, little Bee. Follow Erin on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest.

Hide and Seek

Bee recently learned to play the long-favored childhood game Hide & Seek, full of surprises and gotchas and here-i-ams! Our once quiet home is now filled with shrieks of delight, heavy footsteps pounding from room to room as doors fling open and bedskirts lift. Peek-boo, she says as she looks for me until I finally reveal myself, popping out from behind the door…

15 Famous Blonde Inspired Baby Names

It’s National Blonde Brownie Day (yes, that exists!), so of course, we’re rounding up our very favorite blondes to mark the occasion. Whether you’re craving a sweet or sassy baby name, get inspired by 15 of history’s famous blondes throughout the year…

I'm Still Figuring It Out

Of all the phrases, mantras and inspiring quotes I’d love for Bee to hear from me when I’m older, I want her to hear this:

How We Entertain Ourselves on Snow Days

With sub-zero temperatures here in the Midwest, Bee and I are in the midst of some serious cabin fever. The good news? The snow storm is giving us a chance to find new ways to entertain ourselves indoors and I’ve noticed an incline in Bee’s attention span (17 months is such a magical age!). Here are 10+ ways we’re staying happy, inspired and warm — all the live long day!

Christmas Crooner Baby Names

Whether road tripping to faraway family or hosting a festive fete of your own, chances are you’ve got a healthy dose of Christmas crooners serenading you this weekend. Why not let your favorite singers inspire your future little one’s name? Click through for 15 modern baby names inspired by the classic folks we love to listen to all season long…

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