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5 Ways We Make Bee Laugh

February can be a daunting month. Despite the Valentine’s Day-fueled messages of love and commitment, flowers and candy, it’s often bitter cold here in the Midwest with no sign of spring in sight. The dark gray skies seem to stretch the day longer than ever and both Bee and I have been extra restless in these parts. What’s a mama to do? Sip a healthy dose of laughter, the best medicine of all. Here are 5 ways we’re making Bee (and ourselves!) laugh on these dark, wintery days…


Saving Bathtime

Thanks to Disney for sponsoring this post and giving me the Minnie Mouse Water Squirtees for free.

Bee has a love/hate relationship with bathtime, as she’s just young enough to enjoy the splashes and suds, but just old enough to understand that bathtime signals nighttime (of which Bee is not at all a fan). This means I spend a fair amount of time crossing my fingers during the minutes leading up to her evening bath: Will tonight be a good night or a bad night? A bath of belly laughter or of kick-filled tantrums?

bee's bath time

Bee, Our Valentine

Dear Bee,

This morning, your father and I were trying to decide if we should celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, weighing the pros and cons distractedly as we watched you jump from the couch to the ottoman, to the couch again. We didn’t have a babysitter lined up and Valentine’s Day has never been our choice holiday to celebrate. Flowers and chocolate and balloons? Eh.

But this year, something feels different. This year, love feels like it just might be worthy of the biggest celebration yet…

Healthy and Spirited

Bee had her first real fever this week, full of sweats and chills and cuddles. I’ve never experienced her this sick before — this helpless. Bee has always been an extraordinarily independent child. Green lights and laced sneakers and fast cars. But today, a fever.

Hide and Seek

Bee recently learned to play the long-favored childhood game Hide & Seek, full of surprises and gotchas and here-i-ams! Our once quiet home is now filled with shrieks of delight, heavy footsteps pounding from room to room as doors fling open and bedskirts lift. Peek-boo, she says as she looks for me until I finally reveal myself, popping out from behind the door…

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