Cindy Littlefield 

Cindy Littlefield is a former senior editor of Family Fun magazine and the author of many children’s activity books. She is a freelance writer, editor, and craft maven and currently develops Disney-themed craft, recipe, and party content for, and Disney Baby.

Winnie the Pooh Diaper Cake

Adorned with honey-colored ribbons and wooden drizzlers, this Pooh-inspired shower gift is the bee’s knees.

Guess the Clownfish Count Baby Shower Game

Here’s a playful guessing game that nets a sweet reward — a colorful candy jar reminiscent of a certain little clownfish with uncontained curiosity. To win, all you have to do is come up with a jellybean tally that comes closest to the actual number. For fun, jot down your estimate for the jar shown here. The answer is printed at the end of the directions.

Deviled Clownfish Eggs

Inspired by Nemo’s distinctive stripes, this colorful shower snack is bound to make a big splash. In lieu of the classic yolk mixture, the eggs are filled with roasted red pepper hummus and sliced olives.

Finding Nemo Diaper Cake

Embellished with colorful clownfish stripes, this gift stash of newborn diapers will certainly go over swimmingly with the mom-to-be.

Hands Down Baby Shower Game

Deciphering the clues printed on Mickey’s glove is the aim of this handy baby shower icebreaker.

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