Cindy Littlefield 

Cindy Littlefield is a former senior editor of Family Fun magazine and the author of many children’s activity books. She is a freelance writer, editor, and craft maven and currently develops Disney-themed craft, recipe, and party content for, and Disney Baby.

Felt Road Cone Party Hat

Fashioned from stiff orange felt, this bright-colored cone cap will let the birthday boy cruise into the party zone in style.

Pit Stop Pack Party Favors

These simple no-sew felt packs are perfect for carrying little essentials, such as toddler utensils or teething biscuits and/or toys. Plus, they’re a cinch to create. The pouch seams are simply hot-glued together, and the Lightning McQueen features are cut from sticky-back felt and pressed in place.

Lightning McQueen Birthday Cake

Cross your baby’s first birthday party finish line with a cake inspired by none other than the rookie racer from Radiator Springs.

Empty the Honeypot Shower Game

In this quick-paced challenge, Winnie and his friends from the Hundred Acre Woods lend inspiration for a honey of a list: a chain of baby names in which each new entry begins with the last letter of the one that precedes it.

Pooh Bear Crackers and Cheese

No one appreciates a good snack more than Winnie. Here’s a fun shower-time treat courtesy of the silly ole bear.

Rocket Fuel