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Chaunie Brusie is a labor and delivery nurse turned writer and a young mom of four. She is the author of Tiny Blue Lines: Reclaiming Your Life, Preparing For Your Baby, and Moving Forward in Faith in an Unplanned Pregnancy, and loves encouraging mothers to pursue their dreams while raising little ones at home. Find her on her blog, Facebook, or Twitter.

11 Things I Love About Being a Mom

Every now and then, I just have one of those days. 

You know the ones I’m talking about, right? The ones where all the kids are grumpy, you’re doling out endless baths, and bedtime is nowhere in sight?

It’s days like that when I wonder if I knew what I was getting myself into when I became a mother–I knew it would be hard, of course, but you really can’t explain what it feels like to be in the thick of the doubt, the exhaustion, and the sheer feeling of being overwhelmed that can come with the hard days of motherhood.

But then I remember that for every one hard day I have as a mom, I have so many more good days. And on the bad days, it helps me to count my blessings and remember the things that I absolutely love about being a mom.

The 5 Toy Organization Strategies That Keep Me Sane

If my husband had his way, all of our kids’ toys would be regaled to the basement, where they would stay for the rest of their childhood days.

“We always kept our toys in the basement!” he exclaims when he trips, yet again, over a stray Lego or play baby doll. But let’s face it–things are different nowadays then when we were kids. Not only do kids simply have more toys, as parents, we are more apt to get in on the fun of playing with our kids. And as a mom, I’ve found that allowing the kids to play with toys around the whole house keeps them happy and engaged and frees me up to do other tasks while they play close by.

However, I’m a mom who hates clutter and loves to organize. It makes me crazy to have toys littering the house and another mess to clean up. So, I’ve stuck to a few simple toy organization strategies over the years that help keep me sane–and the kids happy.

50 Baby Names Inspired By Nature

When I was a little girl, I remember my mother explaining to us that we had a new baby cousin–and that his name was Glacier. 

I remember giggling a little at the name, but now, as a mother myself, I love the uniqueness of my cousin’s name. And my uncle, a nature lover, went on to continue his nature-theme with his subsequent children, naming them Canyon and Sierra. In the spirit of admiring the beauty of nature, here are baby names inspired by nature.

9 Things to Treasure About the Newborn Days

It’s incredible how fast we forget the magic of the newborn days. 

I’m guessing it may have something to do with the extreme sleep deprivation, but even after three babies, I had a hard time remembering how wonderful the newborn days could really be. This time around, I am trying to soak up every delicious baby moment–and I never want to forget them.

So whether you are eagerly anticipating your baby’s arrival or right in the thick of the newborn trenches, here’s a little reminder for you on what we can all treasure in these precious fleeting newborn days.

The Only 5 Kinds of Toys You'll Ever Need

Parents and non-parents alike always laugh about kids finding more fun in the box that a toy comes in then the toy itself, and while there is some truth to the fun of a good old-fashioned box, I’ve noticed something else about the toy world when it comes to my kiddos.

For whatever reason, even though well-meaning aunts and uncles and grandparents have lavished more toys on them than they will ever need, they tend to play with the same set of beloved toys over and over again. I love that they have their own special toys, and it also brings me joy to see them creating and using their imaginations, so I thought I would share a list of the toys that won’t get forgotten in the toy box. Less is more in my book!

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