Chad Carter

Chad Carter is the husband to an amazing woman and new dad to a 9-month-old in Portland, Oregon. One thing is for sure, he never imagined he’d be writing for Disney Baby, but dreams do come true! He’s the co-creator of and the Dads Who Diaper podcast, focusing on dads who are more active in child rearing than ever before. He started writing on a whim and hasn’t stopped since. As a former TV journalist, sharing stories apparently are just a part of him. You can follow him on Twitter at @ChadCarterPDX or follow his website on Facebook at Dads Who Diaper.

When Baby Steps Turn Into Leaps and Bounds

“Adults are only kids grown up, anyway.”
- Walt Disney

At 13 months, our little guy is picking up on so many new things. From knowing the names of certain toys and stuffed animals, to picking items out of a collection of toys when you ask him, the development he’s going through is just so fast. And for a first time parent, it’s quite remarkable.

The Healing Powers of Laughter

It’s said, laughter is the best medicine.

As a new parent, I couldn’t agree more. It’s not that I need cheering up, or that I’m under the weather. I’m feeling quite well. It’s more that I just can’t imagine a more sweeter sound in this world than when Wyatt is rolling on the floor laughing to his own delight. It’s medicine, alright; the most heartwarming kind.

Dad's in Charge. Yes, the House Will Stay Standing

Next week, Daddy’s in charge, as my wife heads out on a business trip. According to portrayals of dads in many recent commercials, TV shows, and movies, I won’t be able to handle the job of caring for my own son while my wife is out of town.

There have been huge and substantial shifts in the roles of fathers and the acceptance of dads playing an ever increasing role in the daily lives of their kids. But all too often, dads are still the butt of the joke and portrayed as inept and unable to care for their own kids.

I’m proud to say that is not me, and probably not your spouse either.

These Wet Bags Are Perfect for a Change in the Weather

Well, it finally happened. The glorious summer and amazing weather we’ve had in the Pacific Northwest has finally turned. As I look out the window, the rain is falling, the traditional red and orange tinged leaves are dripping water onto sidewalks, and morning headlights are reflecting off the sheen of water covering the pavement.

But in this neck of the woods, that doesn’t stop us from braving the outdoors, even with Baby. With these Bumkins wet and snack bags, we’re ready to tackle the elements.

Here's What You Need to Know About Getting Baby's Passport

Can you believe the holidays are sneaking up on us already? This winter we’re heading to Whistler, Canada for a big family trip including Grandma & Grandpa, my brother and his family, and us. It’s going to be an incredible time but it got us thinking about one MAJOR thing. Wyatt needs a passport.

Gone are the days of crossing the border with just a photo ID; now even he needs a passport. Which led to a some serious research about what exactly that meant. Here’s what I discovered when digging up all the things we needed.

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