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Chad Carter is the husband to an amazing woman and new dad to a 14-month-old in Portland, Oregon. One thing is for sure, he never imagined he’d be writing for Disney Baby, but dreams do come true! He’s the co-creator of and the Dads Who Diaper podcast, focusing on dads who are more active in child rearing than ever before. He started writing on a whim and hasn’t stopped since. As a former TV journalist, sharing stories apparently are just a part of him. You can follow him on Twitter at @ChadCarterPDX or follow his website on Facebook at Dads Who Diaper.

Why We Always Travel with Books

Almost from day one, we’ve been reading to Wyatt and sharing books with him. He loves to flip through them, pointing at the pictures, and every time he sees a truck, he says, “vroom, vroom.”

We love giving him the chance to see new and wonderful things, and have made it a point to incorporate books into our daily schedule — whether it’s trips to the library for story time, using books to keep him still while changing, or reading a nightly book before bed.

Books have become a very important part of his daily ritual, which is why every time we travel, we also take a small library with us.

Our Success Using Baby Signs to "Talk" with Our Toddler

Since Wyatt was about 7 months old, we’ve been teaching him baby signs in hopes he would be able to communicate with us about what he wants. We spent months repeatedly showing him just a few signs for things like “eat,” “more,” “milk,” and “all done.”

After months of little progress, suddenly — like a light switch — it all came together, and we’re seeing success with our signs.

Bundle Up Your Little One with Some Help From Mickey & Minnie

We’ve been on the go this holiday season, traveling out of state for Thanksgiving, going on a recent weekend getaway with friends, and are now looking forward to an upcoming family ski trip with aunts, uncles, and cousins. It’s been a busy time, which means we’re having to make sure we’ve got exactly what we need for each different place we’re going. As we prepare to hit the slopes, we know the chilly temperatures require keeping our little guy warm, which is why I love this Mickey snowsuit.

Our Go-To Recipe for Our Picky Eater

As we’ve been experimenting with new foods for Wyatt, we’re discovering that he’s a bit of a picky eater. We’ve tried all sorts of new foods to various degrees of success. One of our bigger problems – like I’m sure you’ve experienced – is trying to get him to eat veggies. Fresh, steamed, cooked, any attempt at getting him to try some veggies has been difficult. He’s just not that into having them in his diet.

But we’ve finally found something that works, a fruit and veggie smoothie that he loves to eat and allows us to sneak in some of his less favorite foods.

Here’s the recipe we use:

7 Quotes That Help Keep Me Inspired As a Parent

Fatherhood is the most amazing and joyous experience of my life. I could have never imagined the love I experience with my son. But it’s no secret that parenthood gives you difficult days and tough and tired times. Not to mention during the holidays, the hustle and bustle can keep all of us working long hours. It’s in these moments of exhaustion that I find motivation and inspiration from others.

One of my favorite men to look to is Walt Disney. His passion for happiness and embracing the moment is one that I strive for. These are some of my favorite quotes of his that help me remember to find happiness in every moment and share in the joy that is fatherhood.

Here are some of my favorite Walt Disney quotes.

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