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As if being the ringleader of five children under the age of ten isn't enough to leave Washington, DC-based stylist Casi Densmore-Koon entirely tapped, she's also the endlessly effervescent founder of fashion-centric website cupcakeMAG, its babies and kids focused sister-site cupcakeMAG Littles, design + home inspiration-site cupcakeMAG Home and a blogger at parent-approved online mag Disney's Casi has the expertise of a mom and the taste of an editor. Casi is a social influencer with a large celebrity fan base. Casi, a lifestyle + fashion (and parenting!) expert who has been blogging for six years was interviewed and named Momprenuer of the Month by Tori Spelling. Casi's work has been published on Yahoo! Shine, Huffington Post,, Today's Parent magazine and she was spotted on Good Morning America. Casi contributes to Rags to StitchesSpearmint Baby, and The Little Style File. Check out Casi's lifestyle blog, Casi Rena.

Grayson Enjoys a Snow Day!

Last week we got a totally of 12 inches of snow! Needless to say, my girls couldn’t wait to go out and play — and I couldn’t wait for Grayson to check it out. Last time it snowed Grayson was sick and didn’t get a chance to venture out and play with his sisters in the snow. We all bundled up and headed out for the first time in the snow with Grayson! For a first timer, I think it’s safe to say he loved the snow. He had so much fun watching his sisters build snowmen and make snow angels. He was mesmerized by it and was pointing everywhere. Grayson just sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the view!

Is anyone else snowed in? We had so much fun playing in the snow! Take a look at our snow day.

My 12 Favorite Photos of Grayson at 16 Months

On February 1st, Grayson turned 16 months old! It’s so hard for me to believe he close to being a year and a half. I feel like I just had him yesterday! Time flies.

Grayson is all about smiling and laughing. He defines “bundle of joy” and is so happy all the time! He hardly ever cries unless his sisters are driving him crazy or he is tired. He loves to dance and eat and is growing so well. After being 5 weeks early, he is catching up now and weighs 22 lbs. Still a little guy for his age group, but he is a big guy to us. Every day he makes me laugh, and I feel so lucky to be his mom! See just what we’ve been up to this month!

Adventures at the Doctor's Office!

Grayson and I headed to the doctor recently, and I couldn’t help but document our adventure. Because, well — it’s truly an adventure with my very busy 16-month-old. Stuck in a room that isn’t baby-proof, Grayson had a field day. And you’d never know he was running a 102 fever and had a double ear infection. While he might be trouble at the doctors office — he’s a sweet little trooper!

12 Nutritious Toddler Breakfasts We Love

Grayson always wakes up ready to eat! Always. Breakfast is truly his favorite meal — and besides, it’s the best way to start off the day! But lately, my mommy brain had been catching up with me, and I was starting to fall flat on sprucing up our breakfast menu.

So now, after breaking out the cookbooks, coming up with a few ideas myself, and pinning away — we’ve got a whole new breakfast menu! Click through for some great new recipes you’ll want to try tomorrow! Or hey — breakfast always make a great dinner too!

DIY Valentine's Day Handprint Canvas

Last week, Grayson, the girls, and I whipped up a fun little Valentine’s Day craft for all of our loved ones. But, I have to say — it’s just perfect for a baby to help make. Whether it’s for grandparents, godparents, or just Mom or Dad — it’s super-easy and so much fun. Grayson giggled the entire time, and we loved getting crafty while creating this handmade gift! While it might not be perfect, it’s the imperfections that make it “perfect,” and any loved one would be glad to receive it on the special holiday! In just a few simple steps with minimal craft supplies, you’ll have a masterpiece on your hands. Take a look!

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