Casey Wiegand

Casey Wiegand is married to her best friend, Christopher, and mom to a 3-year-old boy, Aiden, a 2-year-old girl, Ainsleigh and a newborn, Apple. Casey is a freelance artist and also owns an art studio for kids called A Little Artsy. She blogs over at CaseyLeigh where you can expect pieces of her perspective on life, faith, kids, loss, marriage, with touches of art, creative inspiration, projects and things she loves along the way. Writing is a true passion of hers and being able to share her life and thoughts through this space has been an amazing journey so far. Casey is a free spirit and lives with her family in Dallas Texas. Read more of Casey's writing on her blog CaseyLeigh, and connect with her on Twitter and Facebook!

DB Real Style: Minnie Mouse.

I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic as I looked through these photos of my girls in Minnie Mouse. There is something so magical about Disney and the Disney classics and seeing my girls snuggled up in their adorable Minnie jammies and playing in their adorable Disney clothes really brought me back to my own childhood and how Disney has been around every step of the way. Enjoy!

Minnie Love.

for the expecting mamas...

As a new, first time mama there were five tips that I wish that I had known before. This can be such an exciting yet uncertain time and I am excited to share them with you here today! If you are pregnant with your first baby, these are a few things that I can pass on to you now as a mama of three! The love and joy that you are about to experience is unexplainable… you will for the first time experience an amount of love for another person that is so absolutely incredible, congrats!


personalized leggings.

Stylish custom leggings for infants, including personalized name leggings great for newborn homecomings and other unique patterns! These leggings have me swooning! All fabrics are 100% organic, and all designs are created by Jennifer Ann. My sweet baby Apple has her very own pair of “Apple” leggings and I just knew I had to share this incredible shop with you!

These leggings would be such an adorable, personal gift to give or a great little item to splurge on that your baby can wear with everything! Today I am talking to Jennifer Ann a bit about who she is and how she got started!

made for you!

A Look Back: Aiden

My sweet baby boy, my first born will turn four next week. I sit here misty-eyed and a bit speechless that the time has gone by so quickly. This is the boy that made me a mama. We ventured through firsts together. We have learned and experienced and grown. This little guy has my heart and forever changed my world.

For you sweet Aiden, I love you!

a look back

motherhood vs. pre-baby.

Your life before baby vs. your life after baby. Your life before and after. The days of not taking yourself incredibly seriously, being a bit immature, having less responsibility & living for only yourself. Then you welcome a sweet little one into the world and you realize the transaction that has taken place. The magnitude of what has occurred.

And we wouldn’t change it for anything.

the love
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