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Carmen Ordonez is a Latina fashion and lifestyle expert, spokesperson and TV personality. She has been featured in numerous media outlets including The New York Times, NBC, Telemundo, People Magazine and is a regular guest on Univision's national morning show, Despierta America. When she isn't in front of the cameras, she is chasing her 15-month-old, Andres Sebastian, around the house (he loves to give her mini heart-attacks by climbing on everything!) She has been married for seven years with her husband Fernando Ordonez and lives in Miami, Florida with her hubby, toddler son and their two dogs (a beagle named Scrappy and Rottweiler Bear). In addition to Disney Baby, you can find Carmen on her fashion blog, Viva Fashion, where she writes about fashion on a budget.

5 Things My Baby Boy Does That Melt My Heart

It might be the holidays, or perhaps the fact that my little baby will be turning two next month that has me all mushy gushy inside. He will do something so sweet that will have me on the verge of tears.

Oh Andres, please don’t grow up.

Here are 5 things my little one does that absolutely melt my heart:

Make Your Own Minnie Mouse Christmas Ornament!

Each year, I love adding a new ornament to our Christmas tree, and this time decided to go for a little Disney DIY project.

This Minnie Mouse ornament was super easy to make (especially since I’m not a big DIY’er) and my little loved the final result. Below are the simple steps on how you can create your own Minnie (or Mickey) Christmas ornament.

That Special Smile After Your Baby's Been Sick

Our little guy had been sick all last week with a cold, including a fever two days in a row. The coughing and stuffy nose caused him to wake up several times throughout the night, at which point we just brought him to our bedroom so we could monitor him. He’s always such a happy baby and seeing his smile disappear for a few days broke my heart.

The Joy of Cousins

There’s something so magical about the bond my son has with his cousins. It always becomes much more evident during the holidays, when our family gets together. Even though he doesn’t see all of them as often, when they do, it’s like a sudden connection. It’s hard to describe for example, the joy in my son’s eyes when he sees his cousin Isabella. From the moment they get together, the fun begins.

How to Get the Perfect Toddler Haircut in Time for the Holidays!

Yesterday, we decided to take our son Andres to get a haircut in time for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. The hairstylist that usually cuts his hair was not available, so we decided to try someone new. We went in for a little trim, but he ended up with a whole new hairstyle all together. It was super short! He still looks handsome, but part of me misses his adorable locks.

Here are a few tips to getting the perfect toddler haircut in time for the holidays:

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