Brittany Egbert

Starting at a young age, Brittany helped out in her mother’s catering business–usually washing dishes and serving food. But she also gained an appreciation for a good party and learned a few things about making delicious food look delicious. She has many years of local party planning and blogging under her belt and now owns a party and baking supply shop. You can see more at and

Thanksgiving Paper Bag Turkey for The Kids Table

The kid’s table is getting a special surprise this year. Whether you’re serving Thanksgiving dinner at home or somewhere else, you can take this cute paper bag turkey with you. Wondering how to make it? It’s easy. Keep reading for the details.

Mini Pies for Your One-Year-Old

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Has your one-year-old tasted pumpkin pie yet? Instead of serving up a whole slice, make bite-sized pumpkin pies for the kids’ table this year. Even if your child turns up her nose, adults still love a little treat in miniature.

Halloween Owl Cupcakes

Here is a cute last minute Owl Cupcake that you can bring to Halloween parties and play dates this week. This cupcake is easy to make and only takes a couple of minutes to assemble using a few simple ingredients. And if you’re feeling extra nice, the kids can help make these too. 

Crashed Witch Cupcakes

Need a cute first birthday cupcake idea? Is it your turn to bring treats to the school class party or your weekly play date? These fun Crashed Witch Cupcakes will bring a smile to everyone’s face. They’re surprising simple and fast to make. And with a little patience, older kids can even help decorate them. Keep reading for the directions.

Halloween Popcorn Favors

October can be a busy month full of celebrations and gatherings. If you’re hosting a Halloween themed event you’ll need an easy and yummy favor that can be made ahead of time. Festively wrapped popcorn balls are a fun favor for play dates, Halloween birthday parties, and October baby showers. The directions are simple and you’ll love the result: adorable old-fashioned candy shaped balls that your guests will eat up.

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