Brittany Egbert

Starting at a young age, Brittany helped out in her mother’s catering business–usually washing dishes and serving food. But she also gained an appreciation for a good party and learned a few things about making delicious food look delicious. She has many years of local party planning and blogging under her belt and now owns a party and baking supply shop. You can see more at and

first birthday glittery candles

Decorate your own first birthday glittery candle — and pick the color to match your party! If you’re worried about glitter getting all over your frosting, here is a solution: edible glitter. The glitter still sparkles like crazy, but it is safe to eat, so you won’t mind one bit if it gets on everything. See below for the glitter candle instructions.

Leftover Candy Cane Cookies

Everyone has it –  lingering holiday candy. If you’re as ready as I am to get it out of the house for the new year (and to keep those new year’s resolutions), gather it up and make one last treat. This project is super easy, and the kids can help too! With just a few simple items you’ll be on your way.

Holiday Cookies

The holidays are perfect for spending extra time with your kids doing fun activities. You can make a sweet treat together, and even little ones can help with this project. A few simple ingredients create cute cookies you can give to neighbors or put out for Santa. You’ll love the way they look when you’re done.

Grateful Advent Countdown Chain

With a few last days of November lingering (and before the holiday rush really starts) take the time to help your child make a colorful + thankful Christmas advent countdown. 

Mayflower Centerpiece with Healthy Snacks

Waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to be ready is always the hardest part of the day. Put out a boat full of healthy veggies in the center of the kid’s table for little ones to snack on. And best of all, this adorable Mayflower centerpiece won’t ruin their appetite. 

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