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Arianne writes words on the screen at night after the homeschooling is done and her three boys and baby girl are lost to dreamland. She shares stories on her blog To Think Is To Create about life as a mom to autism, walking through grief after losing her daughter in 2010, and the beauty and soul balm in all of it. In her spare time (hee!) she can either be found window shopping on Etsy, watching reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or sewing something random just because. Read more from Arianne at To Think Is To Create and Simple Design. And, follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

The Thrills and Fears of Turning 11-Months-Old

My baby girl starting doing something last week that scared me like crazy. Something that made me want to snatch her up and hide her away.

She took her first steps.

I know, I know, I’m supposed to be all “yay baby girl!”, but I’m not! She is my last baby, and with three big brothers she is something of a marvel at our house.

And I want her to slow down.

the thrills and fears of turning 11 months

10 DIY Baby Shower Invitations for Girls

There’s something so special about having a little DIY fun when planning a baby shower. Doing the invitations yourself can be very meaningful to the mama and to those attending. Check out these 10 awesome ideas for baby girls!

Taking Babies on Errands

I remember a time when I only had one or two children and the thought of taking them with me on errands made me run in fear. There was no WAY I could handle such a task, I’d tell myself in earnestness. Just. No. Way.

On Raising 4 Kids But Only One Daughter

All day I’ve been covering a myriad of family dynamics from being a baby to older siblings, growing up around lots of cousins, being the only granddaughter, the father-daughter bond and now our final discussion — raising 4 children but only one daughter!

If you’ve read the other posts you know by now that I have 3 older boys, and my baby girl is my only daughter. You also know that she has an older sister we lost as a stillborn, so while I am the mother to 2 daughters, I only get to raise one. You also know that the various dynamics in a family interest me, and I hope they’ve interested you too!

On That Father-Daughter Magic

We’re talking family today! So far we’ve covered being a baby to older siblings, growing up around lots of cousins, being the only granddaughter/grandson in a family and now it’s the father-daughter bond we’ll be discussing!

Since my baby daughter is the first girl after three boys, she and her daddy have a very special relationship growing. It’s so special, so unique, so sacred, even, that I can only describe it as magical!

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