Arianne Segerman

Arianne writes words on the screen at night after the homeschooling is done and her three boys and baby girl are lost to dreamland. She shares stories on her blog To Think Is To Create about life as a mom to autism, walking through grief after losing her daughter in 2010, and the beauty and soul balm in all of it. In her spare time (hee!) she can either be found window shopping on Etsy, watching reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or sewing something random just because. Read more from Arianne at To Think Is To Create and Simple Design. And, follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Baby's First Pigtails and Why They Slay Me

This past week we hit a big milestone in our house – my baby girl’s hair is long enough for teensy baby pigtails! I think this is a fun milestone for any mom of girls, but for me it happens to be extra special sweet for reasons that I’d love to share.

9 Favorite Disney Bath Time Essentials

Does your baby love the bath? My little girl is about to turn one (sob!) and we’ve created such a routine with bath time. She looks for her special toy, special washcloth, special book. She responds best when I do bath as a routine, so I did a roundup of our favorite Disney bath time essentials that I recommend to all mamas! Check out these cute and useful items.

Baby Is Walking! Watch Her First Video

River turned 11 months old and started taking a few steps here and there. She was pretty timid about it, not really wanting to let go of the safety of the walls and furniture as she cruised around the house. She would only take a few steps when we set her up and bribed her with treats.

But then. Oh friends. She suddenly just TOOK OFF one day! And we got it on video! Watch her first real walking steps and see how her three big brothers love on her and cheer her on.

10 Halloween Baby Shower Invitations

It’s the perfect time to take advantage of the season around us when planning an October baby shower – make it a Halloween theme! I’ve rounded up some of the cutest Halloween baby shower invitations out there, check out these adorable options!

10 DIY Baby Shower Invitations for Boys

Personal, unique, affordable – all things that describe DIY baby shower invitations! We already shared 10 awesome DIY invitations for a girl’s shower, check out these ideas for a little boy!

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