Arianne Segerman

Arianne writes words on the screen at night after the homeschooling is done and her three boys and baby girl are lost to dreamland. She shares stories on her blog To Think Is To Create about life as a mom to autism, walking through grief after losing her daughter in 2010, and the beauty and soul balm in all of it. In her spare time (hee!) she can either be found window shopping on Etsy, watching reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or sewing something random just because. Read more from Arianne at To Think Is To Create and Simple Design. And, follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

5 Nurseries I'm Coveting

My baby’s nursery is not finished and she turns one next week. Yeah. So, I’m still curating some vintage things and just haven’t found all the pieces I want yet. Or hung everything on the walls yet. I’ll need to get on that!

In the meantime, I’m getting tons of inspiration by perusing other nurseries — and WOW are these incredible spaces. You can see a trend here in my taste — animal prints, poufs, eames style chairs, and mixing up patterns. Check out these 5 nurseries I’m coveting right now.

Baby's First Purse

Something I had no idea would be this much fun as a mama is seeing my baby suddenly (and passionately) want her own purse! This “milestone” just happened, and now she’s already getting obsessed (that’s my girl). It might have to do with her turning one next week, or perhaps she knows the immense love one can find in purse shopping! Check out her favorite purse:

DIY: Baby Apron

Sometimes certain meals need more than just a bib – otherwise you, your house, and your baby will all need a bath afterwards! I found this super fun tutorial for a “bapron” a.k.a. a baby apron.

DIY: Gold Tipped Baby Mary Janes

I’m completely smitten with the gold tipped shoe trend right now. Have you seen it yet? Styles like this, this and this put me in a metallic happy place. So how about letting my baby girl in on the action? Check out this DIY for adorable gold tipped baby mary janes!

My Baby's Favorite Person - Herself!

We have this ongoing joke in our house that my baby’s favorite person is herself. The reason for this is because we have a near impossible time getting her to smile for pictures unless she is looking at herself. She grins and giggles and laughs out loud, kisses her face on the screen (or a mirror) constantly. I am pretty sure she knows it’s herself, but there’s also a good chance she thinks she has a best friend in the phone that looks exactly like her. Check this out.

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