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Andrea is a wife to her college sweetheart, and mother to a 7-year-old girl and 5-year-old boy, with a third on the way. In 2011, after 12 years of working in the fashion industry, she left her job to be a stay at home mom, but now feels even busier than before! When she’s not driving her kids around, she’s busy reading, cooking, eating, drinking chai tea lattes and plotting a way to get the craft room she’s always dreamed of. Andrea loves to blog about her kids, her 3rd and final pregnancy, and living a creative and inspired life. Read more of Andrea’s writing at her blog For The Love Of. And don’t miss a post! Stalk Andrea on Instagram @fourflights, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

When Baby Becomes Aware, the Holidays Become Even More Special

Baby’s first season of holidays are tremendously special. It’s a time for a family to acknowledge and celebrate a new member of the family, and how much more special all future holidays will be, with them in it. As silly as it may seem, I have never passed up the opportunity to get each one of my 3 babies the whole round of “my first (fill in the blank) holiday” bibs, bodysuits and even pajamas. We’ve got attire for Valentine’s Day all the way to Christmas, and everything in between. I even save them too. But I have to say, seeing a glimmer of what’s to come now that Hayden is 14 months old, and seeing his fascination with our Halloween decorations, I can tell the the impending holiday season is going to be even more special than all his firsts combined. Read on to see why.

5 Things, as a Mommy, I Don't Do "By the Book"

With motherhood comes great responsibility, as well as great expectations. Everyone, from your next door neighbor to American Academy of Pediatrics has advice to offer, there are mountains of books that direct us how to best raise our children, and plenty of mommy and me classes will gladly help coach us along the way. It is wonderful to have so many avenues of information to help us in this parenting journey, and I’m so thankful for the resources available to me when I was a new mom, because I clung to it like gospel. From feeding and sleeping schedules, to the right products to buy, to innovative ways to help my baby learn verbal communication, I took it all in and followed it to the letter. But I’m a little more relaxed, or rather harried, with three kids now, to have the focus and time to follow all the “right ways” to do things, as I once did. I may forget a thing or two, and I may not always be prepared, but that’s okay. Here are just a few ways that as a mommy, I don’t do things by the book.

Make Nighttime a Little Easier with the Help of Disney Baby

One thing all moms and dads can agree on when it comes to parenting; we all want our babies to sleep well. Whether it be in their own crib or in a co-sleeper right next to you, we all wish for bedtime to be free of crying and stress, because it’s hard on baby and it’s hard on the parents. To help baby settle in for a calmer, more peaceful night of sleep, try some of these ideas and essentials, featuring your favorite Disney characters.

Keeping Baby Warm with Disney Baby Essentials

You know the seasons have officially changed when we can even feel the shift in weather here in Southern California. The past few mornings, everything has been covered with a thick layer of dew, and socks and sweaters are a requirement. The cooler temps have me in the mood for cuddling and getting cozy, especially with my baby boy. In honor of sweater weather and all things cozy, here are some of my favorite ways to keep your little bundle warm this fall and winter season. From stroller blankets on the go, to knitted caps for walks in the snow, these Disney Baby items are as functional as they are cute.

Why We Compare Babies to One Another - A Theory

Hayden and I started going to a weekly mommy and me class last month, where babies are given the opportunity to crawl around, or walk, throw balls, listen to music, and watch their moms and dads get ridiculously excited when they learn a new skill. It’s been really fun for us to get out and spend some time together, just the two of us, and Hayden loves watching all the other babies. There’s just one thing that happens when you’re around that many other babies, mommas sometimes start to compare. Fortunately everyone’s comments are usually nothing but well-intentioned and really mean no harm, but still, it makes you pause every now and then when you hear some of the things other moms tell each other. At our most recent class, a couple of fellow moms consoled me and assured me not to worry that Hayden, now 14 months old, wasn’t walking yet. Read on to hear the story, and read what other comparisons are made each week.

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