Andrea Howe

Andrea is a wife to her college sweetheart, and mother to a 7-year-old girl and 5-year-old boy, with a third on the way. In 2011, after 12 years of working in the fashion industry, she left her job to be a stay at home mom, but now feels even busier than before! When she’s not driving her kids around, she’s busy reading, cooking, eating, drinking chai tea lattes and plotting a way to get the craft room she’s always dreamed of. Andrea loves to blog about her kids, her 3rd and final pregnancy, and living a creative and inspired life. Read more of Andrea’s writing at her blog For The Love Of. And don’t miss a post! Stalk Andrea on Instagram @fourflights, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Hayden Visits the Farm

The day before Thanksgiving, I packed up the kids and headed out to a local family farm. On the agenda was visiting the field of sheep, where a few new baby lambs had just been birthed, and learning about how chickens are raised for eggs and to eat. I went with the notion that the older kids, ages 6 and 8, would be the most interested in the farm, but it turns out Hayden was the one who seemed to get the most enjoyment out of watching the animals. Here’s a little peek at our day on the farm.

My Baby Doesn't Love Story Time

Last month, I shared with you all that we don’t have a strict routine of reading with our 15-month-old baby boy.  While he gets plenty of social and verbal interaction in the home, between grandparents and an older brother and sister, we don’t consistently set reading time aside for him every single night.  Being that our entire family are all avid readers, we really focused on becoming more consistent with a reading routine, as well as took advantage of opportunities throughout the day where some down time gave us a chance to sit and read.  Well, after a month of consistency, I’ve realized something very important about this whole process — my baby doesn’t love story time, at least not yet.

5 Fun Disney Gift Ideas for Baby's First Christmas

My mother is already urging me to get the kids’ Christmas wishlist to her so she can get her shopping done.  It’s not even Thanksgiving, but I understand her desire to cross things off her list so she can sit back, relax and enjoy the holidays — although as a grandmother of 12, not sure how much relaxing she’ll actually be doing!  In case you’re in the same situation as me, and are trying to find the perfect gift for the sweet baby in your life, or need to send some suggestions to baby’s grandma, this round up of some of my favorite Disney items are sure to be a hit come Christmas morning.

Latest Arrivals in The Disney Baby Holiday Collection - For Baby Boys

I’m right in the middle of trying to put together our holiday outfits for our family photo session next week, so I’ve been window shopping and browsing online to try and find the perfect pieces for our family of five.  I just came across the latest arrivals in the Disney Baby Holiday collection, and have fallen in love with the cute offerings for baby boys.  So whether you’re frantically looking for the perfect holiday attire for family photos, or you just want to be prepared in advance for the season, take a look at the newest arrivals in store for your baby boy.

My 15-Month-Old's Walker Isn't Teaching Him How to Walk - And That's Okay

These little ones have so much learning to do their first few years of life, it continually amazes me how fast they’re able to catch on to things.  So while my almost 15-month-old still isn’t walking (don’t worry, I’m not worried), he is working extremely hard at practicing his walk. This past weekend we took him out to the park so he could have some wide open space to put his new push walker to use.  Within minutes he had caught on and got the idea of this thing called walking. Now, is he walking on his own yet?

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