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Amy Heinz is the mom next door. She’s been using her words to build worldwide brands, tame her three children (and husband), and make other moms feel better about themselves for more years than she can count. (And to think, she used to be good at math.) Her personal blog,, is filled with lessons she’s learned (usually the hard way), laughs she’s enjoyed (mostly at her own expense), and tears she’s shed (this mama’s got heart). You can find Amy on Yahoo! Shine as a Parenting Guru (insert laugh here) and, now, right here on Disney Baby. Read more from Amy on her slice-of-life parenting blog, Using Our Words. You can also follow her on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

Where's Bambi?

My little girl is getting pretty good at playing on her own. I mean, she is almost 2. (Yikes!) And we all know two-year olds are pretty much all grown up. Or so they think. Lately I’ve been getting a kick out of where “Pink’s” little Bambi friend is showing up. Do you spy the sweet little love in these pictures?

Moms Working For You: Versatile Maternity Style from Fourth Love

Finding a job that’s flexible and allows for quality family time can be as challenging as finding great maternity clothes. Well, Susan of Fourth Love has found a solution to both. This mom of two decided to leave the world of advertising to start her own beautiful maternity line. I’m happy to be featuring her in my series celebrating mompreneurs who are doing great work for new and expectant moms.

Susan, Fourth Love

Acting Her Age

Oh, the exciting vocabulary of a budding toddler. My little one is definitely figuring out exactly how to say exactly how she feels. (Whether I like it or not.) Now that she’s just weeks away from turning two, her vocabulary is bursting with new words.

Frankly, I’ve been pretty proud of “Pink”. I might (might) even prompt her in public in the hopes that she’ll impress others as much as she impresses me.

Pink mine

Baby Lounging, Disney Style

If you ask me, the one must-have piece of baby equipment (besides diapers, of course) is a bouncy seat. That little piece of heaven is the next best thing to mama’s arms. Because, let’s face it, mama’s arms are busy ones. And though they might wish they were holding Baby all day long, that’s just not very realistic.

Marry a must-have with Disney style, and well, you’ve got a win-win. Seriously, the folks at Disney are all about bringing characters to life and these bouncers are the perfect example.

Cars Fast as Lightning Bouncer

Moms Working For You: Get Organized With sugarSNAP

Having left the corporate world to start my own writing business, I have a soft spot in my heart for other moms who have an idea and decide to bring it to life. This is my first post in a new series where I’ll be introducing moms who have started businesses focused on moms-to-be or moms of babies. The ladies behind sugarSNAP are a perfect example. I hope you enjoy meeting them and discovering their awesomely convenient products. (I happen to have — and adore — the sugarSNAP files, and definitely need to get my hands on their latest idea…)

sugarSNAP moms
Rocket Fuel